Exodus (Exo Fanfic) Chapter 31

Chapter 31

Baekhyun's P.O.VBaekhyun's P.O.V

~3 years later~

I wasn't for sure how long I've been in the meadow with the green grass, a tree with the blossomed flower and the river. It seemed like the weather here never changed. I knew I could hear people talking to me and wanting to answer them back but my body didn't seem like it didn't want to wake up. Or was it I that didn't want to wake up. After the Queen, my birth mother visit me on day one, I had seen the hard ships she went through from the river. The river could show you anything it wanted. I've seen the memories of each of my siblings and what they are up to now. I saw what Exo Planet had looked like and it was terrible. Every person from my planet dead or being killed. What I hated the most was the fact that I seen the Xerusians put poison in my birth mom's body.

"Baekhyun, you awake yet?" Chanyeol asked me. I wanted to scream and yell at him saying Yes, Yes I'm here little brother but I couldn't because I was stuck in this stupid meadow. I always listened to him about what he had to say. Either if it was about his day or not. "I guess, it's another day of not waking up. I wish you can wake up soon. We have to find our brothers. Protect this world and Exo Planet. Please wake up." I pulled my hair and pounded my fist into the grass as I could hear his words echo around. 

"Why!!! Why won't you let me go back. They need me, he needs me. Why can't I go back!!" Screaming out at nothing. I curled my knees to my chest and cried as I listen to Chanyeol's voice reading to me. 

"Please I want to go back." I muttered over and over. Chanyeol stopped reading. "Please I wish to go back." 

"Okay my dear you may go back" The queen stepped out from behind the tree. Still in the lace dress she was in since the first time I saw her. Then it happened again, a light sucking me in. I was back in my body. I opened my eyes and squint but opened them to see Chanyeol closing the door behind me and leaving the room. 

"Thank you mother." I whispered. I slowly sat up and stared out the window. I knew it wasn't to long when Chanyeol came back. "Baekhyun?" I heard him say. I turned to him seeing his red hair that he dyed not to long ago. I gave him a blank stare and looked into his eye's. "Who are you?" I said wanting to tease him a little. His face expression was mixed with emotions. Looking at him like that I couldn't help but laugh.

"Come here Yeolie. I was only kidding. I know who you are." His face expression relaxed as he came over and lightly punch my arm.

"Don't do that, you scared me." He said takung his place in the chair. "Im glad your awake now. Mom and I been worried about you?"

"I had an interesting experience. I talked to the queen"

"The queen?" He asked with confusion laced in his voice. "How?"

I sighed and told him the long story about how I was stuck in the meadow for three years and how I saw everyone memories and what happened to them. I also mentioned what the leader of Xerusians were doing to the queen, and how she sent me back here.

When I was done talking, Chanyeol sat back in his chair and zoned out. We both not saying anything. I think he was trying to get his mind set on what had happened all the time I was out. The silence wasn't awkward, it was nice.

"Chanyeol, honey? Are you her--- Baekie? Oh My Gosh your awake!!" My mom rushed over to me, cupping my face into her hands as she looked at every inch of me. "Oh dear!!! I missed you so much!!" Hugging me as her tears rolled down her face. I couldn't tell if they were tears of happiness or not. Until I felt a smack on my shoulder.

"How can you do this too me, your own mother. You should be ashame of yourself for putting your own mother in so much worry. I waited for three years for you to wake up. Never again are you to set foot in any hospital. I forbid it!!" She sobbed as I chuckled and pulled her into a hug.

"Okay Mom, it won't happen again." I assured her as Chanyeol smiled at us. She pulled back, wiping the tears away while sniffing her nose. "My boys are together now. We are going to live as one big happy family. Oh let me go get the doctor and fill out discharged paper work so we can take you home.

~Days later~

"Are you sure they are going to be here?" Chanyeol was following me from behind as I made zigzag turns down the alley ways. "Nahh we just going zigzags until we end up tired Yeolie. I'm positive that our brothers are going to be here. I had a dream- no it wasn't really a dream more like a vision about it." we entered a street that had many shops. I just had to find the restaurant that they were going to eat at. I knew they flew in a few days ago after I woken up.

"So let me get this straight. Last night you had some vision dream of our older brothers here at some restaurant on this street?"

"Yes Yeolie. Would you get with the program." I turned around look at him and hitting his arm. "Ow what was that for?" He pouted rubbing the spot I hit him at. I rolled my eyes and continued my search on the restaurant.

A few more blocks down the road, I finally found it. I rushed head with Chanyeol yelling at me to slow down. Pushing the door open, I stood and looked around until I spotted a guy with expensive brand clothing and a guy who had his back towards the door. I walked to them and pulled a chair in the middle of the table.

"Hello Brothers" I said stealing a fry from a plate as they both looked at me with a confuse face.

"I'm sorry, who are you?" Suho asked.

"Baek!! You can't just run off like that, the doctor said you need to take it easy. Oh I'm so out of shape." Chanyeol said leaning down with his hands on his knee.

"The Baekhyun and thats Chanyeol. You two are Suho and Kris. You been looking for us." I said taking another fry off the plate. "Come on Yeolie pull up a seat on the other side."

"How did you know we were here?" Suho asked me. I shrugged. He had a dream vision, whatever that is." Chanyeol  answered. I went for another fry but Kris slapped my hand away.

"Keep your hands off my food." He said in a cold voice that gave me shivers.

"I would but I haven't eaten anything in the past three years."

"Oh so sad, not my fault"

"Hey it wasn't my fault either. The queen won't let me out of the meadow, leaving me in a coma for three years. I could have sworn it was longer then three years but yeah three years." I said taking another fry but getting slapped again. "Fine I'll get my own food. Yeolie can I have some money?"

"Why my money?" He looked at me with a yeah right I'm not giving you mony.

"Your the one with a job. I literally woke up days ago. You expect me to have money and a job. Pft I was a broke student." I told him. He sighed and got up to order us food. I called a thank you across the restaurant but he shrugged it off.

I was left in silence between these old geezers until Chanyeol came back with the food. I started digging in like a pig.

"I think I lost my appetite" Suho said pushing his food away.

"Can I have that?" I asked him because he didn't give me an answer so I shrugged and took it off the plate as the three watched me eat.

"Can you please explain what happened?" Suho turned to Chanyeol since he wasn't stuffing his face like I was. He sighed.

"Three years ago, I went on a camping trip with my family and they ended up being killed by Xerusians so I flew here to find Baekhyun since the letter I found told me he was here. But when I got here. I was living as a homeless kid cause I spent all the money I had on me for food, little clothing I could get my hands on. One day, I was trying to buy a loaf of bread but the owner wasn't going to have it. So threw me out on the street. I was found by Xerusians and chased me to a dead end. I was lucky to kill them off. I didn't know I would run into Baekhyun mother who took me to the hospital to see that Baekhyun was in a coma from fighting the Xerusians three years ago. It wasn't until days ago when he finally woke up. Saying he knows all of our memories and other stuff." Chanyeol explained for our older brothers.

"I think the queen knew you two were coming for us so she gave me a dream vision on where to find you."

"So your really our brothers?" Suho asked as Chanyeol and I nod. Suho sighed and then smiled. "I'm glad now we can go home."


"Yes our home in Seoul, South Korea. Luhan is waiting for us, Lay and Xiumin went to get Chen. Then we can travel around to find our other brothers."

"And Sister..."


"Yes she's younger then Kai and Sehun. Her name is Nari"

"Okay then.

"Lets get back to my mom's house and tomorrow we'll leave for Seoul." I said  as they nod and we all get up to walk to mom's, Chanyeol and my house in one peace.


"Oh I'm gonna miss you my son's." Mom said giving Chanyeol and I each a hug and kiss on the cheek. Chanyeol and I packed all night for our leave. Suho and Kris waited at the end of the drive way for us. "Please be safe and call me once in awhile. Okay?" She babied us more until we both groaned and pulled her off of us. We rushed to Suho and Kris.

The trip was long but we made it through. The car trip was long until we had pulled up to a huge mansion house in the middle of the forest. Chanyeol and I got our things from the trunk and made our way to the front door where it was opened by our older brother Luhan.

I guess they left us to settle in until it was dinner time. "Luhan, this is Baekhyun and Chanyeol. Guys this is Luhan." Suho introduced us. We all exchanged greeting and went in eating dinner and getting ready for the next day. I smiled at the cieling that I was happy to be with my real family even though I was going to miss my mother. I shift in the bed and drifted off to sleep.


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