My nephews Christmas presents

So I decided to get both my nephews, Gavin and Landon, their very first kpop albums for Christmas. Both of them love VIXX alot, what with VIXX being their first kpop group. The album on the left is for Gavin, who loves Ravi alot, who is his bias in VIXX, and the album on the right is for Landon. His bias is N, but his favorite VIXX era is Error with Chained Up following second.

The necklaces represent their biases in EXO. The snowflake represents Xiumin, whos power is Ice, and the bird/phoenix represents Chanyeol, whos power is Fire.

I'm also getting them bookbags that have the Rovix emblem on them along with their bias names on each, so they won't get them mixed up, and I'm getting them jerseys that have all the VIXX members names on the back.

I'm really excited to see their faces when they see this. I also have to keep reminding the inner kpop fan inside me that these albums aren't for me and I can't open them XDD

What do you guys think?

I enjoy listening to kpop music and watching kdramas. I'm also love pokemon and zelda, if you were to ask my closest friends they would tell you I'm obsessed 😂😂
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