Cave Diving in Telford Spring System


The Telford Spring system, one of north-central Florida's cave diving sites, is a single cave system with 3 separate entrances all close to each other. Starting at the Telford Spring basin, it is located on the edge of the Suwanee River. 275ft upstream, the cave passes underneath Telford Sing, a largely inline sinkhole, where entry and exit is nearly impossible. Terrapin Sink, 450 ft upstream, is another entry/exit point, albeit a difficult and potentially hazardous one, chosen by divers who wish to gain an additional 450 ft of penetration. The system is relatively shallow, hitting a maximum depth of 70 feet. The last several hundred feet downstream are increasingly shallow, culminating at the 15-foot-deep Telford Spring entrance. These factors combine to virtually eliminate the need for decompression.  The cave layout has only a few offshooting passageways. The cave is configured in such a way that it changes changes dramatically every few hundred feet, going from largely square phreatic passageways to low, wide bedding planes and tall vertical fractures. The Telford Spring's entrance is unique because located immediately underneath a small natural bridge. Visibility seldom eclipses 40 to 50 feet. The cave’s close proximity to the Suwannee River means this system will be among the first to flood and first to clear. Cave access is through private land with a long-standing public right of easement.

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