Girls' Generation 10 Year Anniversary Comeback!!

Guys it finally happened!! Girls Generation aka SNSD is back with their full length album celebrsting their 10 Year Anniversary!! From 2007- 2017 these girls have made it a long way and has been through many hardships during the years but all in all they still stuck together as a family to be here with us today!! This time they have two title tracks!!

The first Track is Holiday. I listened to this and I loved it already. I thought in my head that this is so Girls Generation style and it is well done. And it doesn't mattter how old they are they still look as beautiful as ever.

The second title track is All Night (Documentary ver. and Clean Ver.). When I watched the Documentary version it brought me to tears seeing and hearing everything the girls had to say about what SNSD meant to themnd seeing how they are so happy after being reunited as a group once more and having fun with each other.

(Documentary Ver.)

(Clean Ver.)

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