Thick Delicious (21+ please) [P.H.A.T Collection]

So it's been a while since I updated my P.H.A.T collection. Most of them are fluffs with exo members and one with Kihyun. This would be the second Smut of the collection though.

21+ Read at your own risk! You have been warned.

Who: Reader x Kwon Hyukwoo, Woo Jiho, Sun Ju Kyung.

What: The Smut fairies protecting the Smut kingdom from the giant Smut monster that lives at the top of the Smut stock with his golden Smut and his smutty harp.

Story: None it's a one-shot.

You were pushed down to the couch by Jiho after calling yourself fat. More than anything he hated hearing you talk about yourself negatively. He had his ways of showing you no matter how thick you were, he loved every inch of it.

There was nothing going on between you and Jiho, you were partners in crime that was about it. He owned a little bar with two other guys, Ju Kyung and Hyukwoo. You were their favorite bartender; you could remember regulars and their drinks just off of one encounter. All you had to do was see them again to know who they were. You were personable and easy to talk to which made men come to talk to you. Most times you felt hot and other times you just felt too big. The other bartenders had thigh gaps and small waists. They had straight hair and this delicate look to them meanwhile you had days where you just felt fat and ugly compared to them.

You were in Jiho's office and it was after closing hours. Everyone else except the guys had left. You stayed to lock up with the others. Every once in a while you and one of the guys would have a late night spontaneous moment with no strings attached. It had nothing to do with them being your boss or you trying to get benefits it's just sometimes you had needs.

Sometimes they did too.

Tonight wasn't one of those nights. Some jackass at the bar happened to say something about your shape and, while you kept it professional, in the back of your head you felt really shitty. Jiho's hand trailed up your thigh before he plopped down next to you. Your arms were crossed because you were upset and you wouldn't look at him. His fingers trailed up your arm and he placed a line of kisses up it. You whined and pulled away from him like a child pouting.

"Who even told you that you're fat? You should've kicked their ass out of the bar." Jiho sighed annoyed.

"Why, for telling me the truth?"

Jiho pinched the bridge of his nose and shook his head.

"You're a handful that's the truth." He said.

The office door opened and you looked up to see Ju Kyung and Hyukwoo walking in.

"Jiho-ssi all the doors are locked up." Hyukwoo said.

Jiho moved his arm from around you and leaned onto his knees.

"You're here. Good. Now can you please talk some sense into her?" He said.

You rolled your eyes while Hyukwoo sat down next to you and stretched his arm behind you to lean on the couch. Ju Kyung still stood before you until he grabbed the rolling computer chair, tuned it around and sat down. His arms folded at the top of the back of the chair and his chin rested on his arm.

"Why what's up?" Hyukwoo asked.

"She thinks she's fat." Jiho said.

Hyukwoo laughed,

"Who the fuck told you that?"

"A customer." You mumbled.

"And you didn't kick his ass out?" Hyukwoo said like it was out of the ordinary for you.

"She doesn't believe he should be punished for telling her 'the truth'." Jiho said.

He used air quotations around the truth part and Ju Kyung just made a face at you.

"Girl you're just thick shut the fuck up." He told you.

"Thick is still fat jackass." You bit at him.

"Nah, thick is delicious dumbass. You in those short hugging those fucking thighs, you're the reason we've got a line of men outside our small ass bar." Ju Kyung said.

You rolled your eyes. Hyukwoo lifted your chin so you'd look at him,

"He's right. We make more money from you than anything else. You didn't think it was because we had good booze did you?" He laughed.

"No your booze is shit." You laughed.

Jiho lightly slapped your thigh and you turned to look at him.

"You draw in a crowd Y/n. There's nothing wrong with you. You get more attention than the other bartenders. So what you're not liked by one guy, he doesn't know what he's missing." Jiho said.

"Yup thick thighs save lives." Hyukwoo said.

"Yeah especially the lives of chips you accidentally drop in your lap." Ju Kyung laughed.

"Alright I get it you guys like thick thighs." You laughed.

"Yeah and your literal fat ass." Jiho said.

You rolled your eyes at him and Ju Kyung got off his chair to kneel before your feet. His hands glided over your thighs and he kissed the tops of them gently.

"You're sexy as fuck Y/n. Nothing is hotter than seeing you in our bartender uniform, your shorts pinching your thighs. They're so thick and voluptuous. They look good enough to eat. Your ass is a phenom. Appreciate every curve you've got Y/n." Ju Kyung said.

Jiho leaned over to kiss you while Ju Kyung kissed your thighs and he parted them a bit, making his way to your inner thighs. You felt his tongue draw a line up your thigh and, while Jiho kissed you, Hyukwoo slid his arm behind you and kissed your neck. His hand stretched around to your breast to along with his other hand and his thumbs rolled over your nipples to make them hard.

You moaned on Jiho's lips before he pulled away and dipped his head down to kiss your neck with Hyukwoo. Both Hyukwoo and Jiho hand slid their hands to your thighs just as Ju Kyung stood up to kiss your lips. Your hands tugged at the bottom of your shirt like you were embarrassed to have all three of them on you at the same time. Hyukwoo took to kissing you again while Jiho leaned down to kiss your thighs and Ju Kyung played with your breast, massaging them and squeezing them before he started searching for your nipples with his lips. Having found the treasure he was seeking, he sucked on your nipple through your shirt and bra. Not feeling his tongue on your skin was the right amount of teasing to make you wet along with Hyukwoo's tongue swirling around in your mouth and Jiho painting your thighs with his tongue. You felt him push your thighs open wider and Hyukwoo even lifted your thigh to rest on his leg.

Ju Kyung went back to your lips while Hyukwoo went back to your neck. His hand slipped into your shorts and he teased your heat. His fingers created a V shape while he started to rub you. Jiho came up to look at your head now thrown back, your swollen lips released from Ju Kyung's hard kisses, your chest moving up and down from panting.

"She likes the attention." Jiho said.

"She's soaking down here." Hyukwoo smiled.

Ju Kyung leaned over you.

"Should we continue to play Y/n."

"All of you?" You breathed.

"We'll remind you how delicious you are tonight." Jiho said in your ear.

You shuddered but your hand went to Jiho's crotch to palm him. He groaned and grinned.

"She's on board." He said.

Ju Kyung smiled and Hyukwoo pulled his hands out of your shorts.

"Look how wet. I bet she tastes good too." He said.

Ju Kyung undid your pants and yanked them off of you. He got down on his knees between your parted legs and his mouth attacked your core without mercy. You moaned out loud in surprise at the way his tongue flicked in and out rapidly and swirled around your clit before sliding through your folds.

Hyukwoo sat up from the couch while Jiho undid his pants to release his heat. Hyukwoo stood up on the couch having already released his member by now and he pressed it against your lips. Your hand wrapped around it while you started going down on him. Jiho brought your hand to his member to jerk him off while you sucked off Hyukwoo.

Ju Kyung's slurps reached your ears and his hands moved from your inner thighs to your ass. He came closer to your core eating like a juicy peach. You hollowed your cheeks to suck on Hyukwoo harder. He moved his hips in your mouth to reach the back of your throat and then started moving faster to hear your throaty moans. The wet smacking of him fucking your mouth competed with Ju Kyung's wet licks and your hand worked faster on Jiho. He groaned and stood up himself.

"Alright my turn." He said finally deciding he needed more.

Hyukwoo stepped down but decided to take Ju Kyung's place instead. Ju Kyung sat next to you and kissed your neck. Hyukwoo pulled you down for a second to kiss you and taste himself on your lips. Hyukwoo smiled and said,

"I don't know what's better your mouth or this."

He pushed his finger inside of you to make you moan out loud. Ju Kyung had pulled down his pants by now and he pulled your hand on his swollen member. Jiho lifted your head and brought his cock to your lips.

Ju Kyung was the smallest in length but he was thicker than the others which made him being inside you so much more filling. Hyukwoo was long and he could reach deep inside of you, having him slam into your g spot repeatedly made you see stars by the end of your fucking sessions. Jiho was sort of a mixture between the two he was longer than Ju Kyung but was thicker than Hyukwoo. Taking him into your mouth wasn't that big of a challenge but if you liked having anyone in your mouth it was him.

His hand cradled your chin while he rode slowly along your flattened out tongue. The arousal that built up from blowing Jiho was being taken care of by Hyukwoo who took to sucking on your clit while pushing as second finger inside of you. He'd come off your clit with a pop to rub your clit while his finger separated inside you to stretch you out. Your hand gripped Ju Kyung a little harder but he pulled you off for a second to lick your palm and then placed your hand back on him. Having a little bit of saliva helped with you giving him a hand job, he moaned and leaned his head back on the couch. His hips bucked up into your hand and even though you mainly controlled the speed his hand stayed around yours while you jerked him off.

Jiho let you work more with your mouth, you opened it as much as you could bobbing your head back and forth fast before you started to slow down and suck on him. Your lips glided up his swollen shaft and you could feel him pulse in your mouth. Hyukwoo added a third finger and started finger fucking you quickly making you moan on Jiho's dick loud.

"You like that?" He said fucked out.

You could only whine an Mmhm on Jiho while he was filling up your mouth and pushing all the way to the back of your throat. He came out of your mouth so you could breathe and then crushed your lips beneath his own. Your other hand ran through his hair while he kissed you hard and Hyukwoo moved faster now curling his fingers up into you. You pulled off Jiho to scream.

"Don't let her come." Jiho quickly warned.

"Shit, why she looks so fucking hot." Hyukwoo licked his lips.

His tongue went back to your clit to fuck it rapidly and you felt yourself getting closer.

"Hold on Hyukwoo don't be greedy." Jiho said.

Hyukwoo slowed down and the rush you were feeling suddenly made your body tingle and feel like at any moment you might explode. You felt almost light headed. Hyukwoo stood up to switch places with Jiho. Hyukwoo sat down next to you and stopped you from jerking Ju Kyung off to take off your shirt and bra.

He tossed the clothes behind the couch and Jiho went to his desk to get a condom. He knelt back down between your legs and Ju Kyung stood up to get you to suck him off. His size made your jaw hurt if you gave him a blow job for too long. The others were easier. Hyukwoo had stood up as well just so your hand could glide up and down his shaft in a better angle and it helped you go faster. Ju Kyung immediately went to fucking your face with no mercy. His hand had gripped your hair tight making it hard for you to move other than how he wanted you too. You felt Jiho only kissing your thighs after knowing how close you came to a climax; he didn't want to bring you closer or you'd cum too early. You wondered if he was the only one with a condom.

Hyukwoo had one hand massaging your breast while his lips covered one nipple and sucked on it making you move your hips in need of attention. Ju Kyung held you down on him and even pinched your nose so you couldn't breathe. You jerked off him to gasp for air and he pulled back down on him after you got a couple of gasps. With all their hands on you, controlling you and doing whatever they liked with you, you became more and more turned on so much so you were soaking up the couch with your juices.

You finally felt Jiho's tongue on your core, licking up your slick folds while he ripped the wrapper to his condom and slipped it on. Ju Kyung held you down again making you gag on him. He pulled off of him and kissed you harder than the others did, making you moan even louder on his lips which he happily swallowed. His lips moved down to your neck and then to your other breast so he could kiss and suck on it. Jiho stood up and Ju Kyung looked at him.

"Do you all had condoms?" You asked.

"There's one in my wallet." Ju Kyung said

"I ran out." Hyukwoo confessed.

"Then you stay in her mouth." Jiho decided.

You were about to tell him you could speak for yourself but you actually agreed with him. Ju Kyung reached in his back pocket to get his wallet while pulling down his pants and boxers completely. He kicked them to the side and he placed his condom on. Jiho made you get up and he pulled the table out of the way. He sat down on the ground and pulled you down to him.

"Hop on baby." He grinned.

You smirked at him and straddled him. Your hand slipped between your bodies to bring him to your slit and then you sank down on him slowly making him groan as you did.

"You sure about this?" You asked.

"Hell yeah." He said.

Ju Kyung made you lean over so he could come up to your ass. He whispered in your ear for you to brace yourself and you screamed into the room. You'd done anal before but it still hurt. Ju Kyung moved slowly for you while Hyukwoo stood on the side. You took him in your mouth while you tried to match Ju Kyung's pace and ride Jiho. Your one hand was pressed against Jiho's chest and Ju Kyung was kissing and licking your neck. Your licks were becoming inconsistent but they were more passionate the more you were feeling. Ju Kyung and you picked up your speed and Jiho offered some thrusts of his own as best as he could.

Ju Kyung ended up pushing you over to lean on Jiho more. He moved faster to get more friction and a better angle. You were loud and tears brimmed your eyes. Your fingers rubbed at your clit quickly until Jiho slapped them away.

"Not yet." He groaned.

"So- fucking good." You moaned.

You were shamelessly loud, Jiho played with your bouncing breast while you rode him and Ju Kyung fucked your ass slapping it as he did. He gripped your cheeks tight.

"Shit." You hissed.

"Fuck- Y/n. Almost- there." Ju Kyung groaned.

You whined and bit your lip and you felt his hips pick up making you scream more. Jiho sat up to suck on your nipples. He stopped moving while Ju Kyung took control of you from behind. Ju Kyung's sloppy hips became more and more uneven and he groaned deeply reaching his end first and filling up his condom.

Ju Kyung panted heavily in your ear from behind you; he turned your head so that he could kiss you before he stood up to take off his condom and throw it away. You started moving on Jiho again, bouncing up and down while throwing your head back to moan. Your eyes rolled back at the slapping sound of your bodies meeting each other. You were leaned back with a hand in your hair and the other hand on his leg. His thumb came to your clit and you gasped but giggled in a moan feeling so fucking good.

You looked down at him and he sat up more. Your hand cupped the side of his neck while you were grinding against him. You bit your lip and he kissed you deeply, his tongue going far into your mouth and tangling with your. You pulled away from him lips, your hips grinding faster and your thighs shaking, your walls gripping him harder and the rush of a climax came closer and closer. Your whines and gasps made you sound desperate and Jiho started to slap up inside of you.

"I'm gonna cum." You warned.

Jiho nodded knowing that face you made. He could see it but he didn't stop. He kept pushing up into you while you bounced, rolled your hips and grinded against him.

He suddenly pushed you off him and made you stand up. He bent you over so you were facing Hyukwoo.

"Finally." He said.

He pushed inside your mouth while Jiho pushed in you again this time going faster. You focused on breathing through your nose; the sounds of Hyukwoo invading your mouth mixed with the sound of Jiho's body slapping against yours. You sucked on him and Jiho lifted your leg which you felt was impressive strength.

Closer and closer he pushed you until you screamed with Hyukwoo in your mouth. Your legs shook and your body tensed, jerked and felt weak after coming hard and long. You felt so satisfied and over stimulated. You felt Jiho continue to fuck you, his finger pressed into your clit and drawing hard fast circles.

"Fuck. I'm close Y/n." Hyukwoo warned.

You didn't know why but Jiho started moving harder and faster inside of you like he was trying to beat Hyukwoo.

"Fuck, swallow it like a good girl." He groaned.

His voice was twisting a coil in your stomach even though you had already cum. Jiho put your leg down and gripped your hips as hard as he could and pulled you back onto him while he slammed into you. He was moaning as well feeling his own rush come on. Hyukwoo twitched more in your mouth until he held your head down on his dick. He was moaning loud and deep from his throat as he exploded in your mouth.

fuck! fuck!

There was a greedy smile on his face while you swallowed every bit that he shot inside of your mouth. Jiho had come shortly after Hyukwoo, bringing you into his body and holding you down on him while he came in his condom. He hissed through his climax and kissed all over your back. When he pulled out of you, you dropped to your knees panting. Hyukwoo chuckled,

"You look so sexy all fucked up like that. Did you like it?"

You smiled and nodded your head. He pet the top of your head and Jiho got rid of his condom as well.

"So do you believe us now Y/n?" Jiho said.

"Thick isn't just beautiful. It's fucking decision." Ju Kyung smiled from the other end of the room.

Though he finished first, he got dressed and watched from the other end of the room. You were still panting but you smiled and nodded,

"Yeah- I believe you."

"Damn, I wish I would of bought that extra pack today I could've fucked her too." Hyukwoo pouted.

You pulled him over to you and kissed him before you whispered,

"When it's just us, I'll let you fuck me without one."

Hyukwoo wrapped his arms around you.

"This is why I like you." He laughed.

"Yah no secrets! Don't go getting pregnant." Jiho grumbled.

"I second that. Anyway, Hyukwoo get dressed so we can drop her off." Ju Kyung said.

He walked out off the office and Hyukwoo helped you up. Jiho handed you your bra and shirt from behind the couch and kissed the back of your head.

"See you tomorrow and if that asshole comes back let me know. I'll knock his teeth in." Jiho said before he left.

Hyukwoo said,

"Let me know first I'll do more than kick his teeth in."

You laughed and said,

"What are you going to do puppy? Aegyo him to death?"

"Hey that's not fair I can be tough too." He pouted.

You laughed an patted him on the head while mockingly saying,

"Of course you can. Now let's go. I'm ready to go to bed."

Hyukwoo latched onto you from behind and as you walked out and turned off the office lights. At least by the end of the night you knew one thing:

Being thick was delicious...


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