Remember Us (Chapter 7)

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-Minhee POV-

“We had a small breach with one of the warehouses” Minseok said as we sat down.

“I think Bangtan was trying to send a message.” Yixing spoked after. “Bom, Yoel and Soo, you guys need to collect any intel, and see what they are planning.” he said

“Okay, when do you want to head out?” Chanyeol asked,

“Two hours.” Minseok spoke. We all nodded and went to the arms room.

I bee lined straight to my room to get my phone. “Oh, god i missed a call, what am going to say to him?” i thought, I’ve been ignoring Seokjin, i feel bad, but we’ve been really busy. With all these random alarms going off on different properties. Its insane.

“Hey, I am so, so sorry I’ve been busy with my family. I'm going to have to cancel on dinner tonight.”

I looked over the text and sent it.

“Hey, are you ready?” I looked up at my brother, and nodded.

“Yea, i uh..” I started when we heard yelling downstairs.



I walked into the meeting room to see Yixing and Minseok staring at Baek.

“What's going on?” Chanyeol asked walking in behind me.

“Baekhyun wants to go in Kyungsoo's place.” Yixing explained

“But, we told it isn't safe for him since he's been

captured by them before.” Minseok finished.

“Wait, you got caught by them?” I asked looking at him.

“All due respect, I don't want to discuss this when she's here.” Baekhyun said coldly towards me.

“I don't give a shit Baek, Bom is under me, she's a higher authority than you are.” Yixing said.

“You're not going and that's final, you guys leave, but be careful.” Minseok said.

Kyungsoo, Chanyeol and myself left. It was just silent on the drive to one of many warehouses we knew would be less quiet. My phone went off as Kyungsoo told me to turn it off. I nodded and turned it off.

I looked at each and everyone of us, dressed in black, my hair neatly braided, kyungsoo tucking his knives into his vest, chanyeol strapping his pistol in the holster, I placed my sniper onto my back. I nodded to the other guys as i started to climb up a ladder nearby.

“You all settled Bom?” I heard kyungsoo over the ear piece

“yea D.O., you guys be careful I got visual on you.” I replied when I seen him and Chanyeol through my scope. Something seems off about this it was too quiet.

“Bom, are you okay? We found some stuff about their other warehouses we heading out now.” Chanyeol said. I watched as they disappeared back into the shadows, I seen movement on the roof, I quickly grabbed my bag and placed my face mask back over.

“I know you're up here, you and your friends are dead.” I heard a voice say, it was a familiar voice. “Hope, they're leave out the south door, there's one on the roof” I heard him say. He moved into the light, and drew his gun out, I pointed mine and was in a state of shock when I seen his face. “Here you are, put your gun down.” He replied. I couldn't say or do anything,

“Bom let's go!!” I heard Kyungsoo. I looked at him as he cocked his gun.

“Don't move.” He said again.

“I'm sorry Seokjin” I said and jumped down to the ladder.

We got back to the house, safe and sound.

I was called into the meeting room with the others, I was the only one in there at the moment, I grabbed my phone and seen a text from him.

“It's okay, we have some business to attend to as well. See you tomorrow.”

I let out a long sigh.

“What's wrong Minnie?” I looked up to see Yixing.

“Did you guys know already?” I asked.

“Know what?” Minseok asked walking in.

“I know that was Jongin's car parked across the street that day.” I said remembering the day I met up with Seokjin at the coffee house.

“Kyungsoo was worried and asked him to follow you.” Yixing replied.

“So, what you were going to do? Keep following me? Find out who's the guy I've been seeing?” I asked.

“Look, Minhee… we just want you safe, Kim Seokjin is…”

“Is in Bangtan. I know that now.” I interrupted.

“But how? Where did you meet him?” Minseok asked.

“In L.A., I didn't think of anything of it, at least not until tonight, when I seen him in that roof.” I said setting down. There was a long silence and the rest of the guys came in.

“What did you guys find out?” Minseok asked.

“They're planning an attack...on us.” Jongdae said throwing some papers on the table.

“We need to be ready.” Yixing said we all nodded. “Munger, I need you to go down and get any arsenal from our weapons warehouse.” He asked I nodded and got up and left.

My brother hugged me and told me to be careful.

I stopped on the side of the road and looked out the Han River. I often wonder how life would be with this whole gang life. I looked at my phone to see a text from him again.

“Please tell me that isn't you on that roof tonight.”

I left it alone. Cause now both our secrets were out. What can we do?

I drove back home to discover the front door broken down, I pulled my gun and silently went inside. My immediate thought was the meeting room so I ran down the long hallway.

"What the hell happened?" I said to myself, looking at all the overturned chairs, broken glass everywhere.

What caught my attention was the shining object on the table I went to get and realized it was Seokjin's watch. I ran to our main office and played back the security camera to the meeting room. I watched carefully making sure I didn't miss it, then it happened, "wheres Baek going?" I said frowning watching as he left the room.

Not two minutes later they all came charging in and beating the guys down and taking them away. I threw the watch, "He betrayed us!" I yelled, and got upset. "Not exactly" I turned around at the voice that startled me. "Baek! What did you do?" I said charging at him and slammed against the wall. "I did it for them, they would've killed us all if I didn't agree." He said trying to pry my hand off him. "Agree to what?" I said letting him go. "In time, but we need to go and save them, even if it means killing Jin." He said. I looked at him "How?" I said confused.

"In time... Bommy we need to go now." He said pulling me to our arms room.


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