Laser Cladding Surface Nanotechnology

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Laser cladding surface nano-technology can be divided into three main aspects, the first aspect is the use of similar laser remelting surface nano-method, take appropriate measures directly in the laser cladding process to make the deposited layer of nanocrystalline structure. There are two types of this method, one is the melting material and the substrate composition is basically unchanged, the formation of laser cladding pool and the formation of cooling to the main physical process, this method is currently relatively rare literature. The other is in the laser cladding process between the melt and the substrate, or between the welding material and the deposition of chemical reaction between the formation of nano-particles or nano-size organization.

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The application of surface treatment technology has a long history, but the surface engineering technology from concept to become a complete system of time subject to, but now only a few decades, laser surface nanocrystallization technology of laser technology and nanotechnology and surface engineering technology combined or can also be called laser nano surface engineering technology.

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