What's next?

So Jay's story is almost over and I've already got two stories lined up that I've been working on while releasing Deliver me. So, if you have a preference of who should go after Jay's story, let me know. Here's your choice.

The boy who wouldn't be loved.

This is about Y/n and Hyukwoo kind of hooking up on the side but it's super complicated because Y/n's in love with Hyukwoo. Hyukwoo knows this but he refuses to love her back and then things get twice as complicated because, while Y/n is still sleeping with Hyukwoo, her ex boyfriend comes back into the picture. Now they're just trying to be friends but Hyukwoo doesn't like it and Y/n starts to pursue her ex. It's a huge triangle of shit and it's a whole mess but I actually like the story so far. It's heavy on the Smut though. Kind of.


So, Redemption follows Minsik just getting out of jail after three years for running guns. His best friend, Y/n tries to help him keep a clean path but his gang just can't keep away. On top of that, Y/n's own horror story of a past is coming back to bite her in the ass and really the only people either of them can lean on for help is each other. This one is not heavy on Smut, in fact, Smut comes in much much MUCH later on; however, I think it has a touchy subject. While I don't out right say it, I hint around her "past" alot and it's pretty obvious what happened to her. I'm trying not to spoil anything but I'm also trying to give a fair warning, heads up, there's some angtsy, touchy shit in this.

Once Parachute is done they'll both be going out at the same time I just wanted to see which one I should release first. If you've got a choice let me know.


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