Never Thought It Was Possible Chapter 6

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Chapter 5:



We are settled in the sofa, this time I'm settled next to his body. My head resting on his arm and his arm resting across my waist. Our bodies are facing the TV, watching a Korean Movie.

During the movie, I feel my eyes drooping. I look over my shoulder and see Kris already asleep. I lean forward to grab the remote on the coffee table and shut off the TV. I place the blanket, that's around our legs, closer to our waist level. Kris's body heat is enough to keep me warm but I'm not sure if I'm enough for him. I turn towards his body, placing my head on his chest and I feel him embrace me. I hear his heartbeat pulse steadily, bringing me to a lull and I feel the darkness surround me and fall into a blissful dream.

The next morning isn't so blissful and I'll tell you why, once I try to reassure Kris and calm him down.


I woke up first and lifted my head to see peacefully sleeping, so I got out of his embrace, careful not to wake him. I went to the bathroom to do my morning ritual of brushing my teeth, face, and putting moisturizer. I know that if I took a shower, I might wake him up. I'll just prepare breakfast and take one after he wakes.

I tiptoe across the living room where Kris is sleeping in and step in the kitchen. I grab bread and put it in the toaster. I open the fridge carefully and grab 6 eggs, cheese, ham, and some veggies. I start the stove to high and put a pan filled with 3 tablespoon of oil and turn to the counter to start cutting and dicing the veggies.

I crack open the eggs and scramble it inside a bowl and add the veggies. I cut the ham in small pieces and throw it in the bowl. I grab the toast and put it on a plate. I pour the bowl into the pan and start to fry the eggs. After it's thoroughly cooked, I put it on the plate with the toast. I go to my coffee maker and make a Cuban espresso and I make a hot chocolate for me. I put the plate of food and espresso on the counter where the high chair is located. I leave my cup next to his plate.

Not a morning person, is he?

"Hey, breakfast is served, so if you don't want it to be cold, you should hurry up," I said.

I hear another grunt and I walk back to the kitchen to make some toast for myself. Once I finished slathering the toast with butter, he steps in. He's wearing a light gray hoodie and pale blue jeans.

"Smells good," he walks behind me and hugs me from behind. "Just like you."

"Your food is going to get cold," I said while blushing. He lets go and sits across from me and starts digging in. I hear noises of approval since he's shoveling the food in his mouth. I smile and sip my hot chocolate and finish off my toast. I hear the doorbell ring and he looks up at me, inquisitive. I put my hand up so he won't get up. I walk to the door and peek out. No one's there. I open the door and I look around. I look down and see a magazine inside a gift basket. I pick it up and take it to the living room.

I open the gift basket and pull out a wine bottle of Lambrusco and some tickets to a Gala and a magazine that features Daniel and another model. I put the magazine on the table and look at what other stuffs in there. I hear Kris enter and sit down on the floor and picks up the magazine. I read the date of the Gala is tonight at 7pm and it's a formal event. Meaning nice formal dresses and tuxedos.

I'm excited to ask Kris to come with me, when I turn around to face him, he's standing up and glaring at me. I shivered of apprehension from the sight of his face.

"What's wrong? Why you mad?" I said in a fearful voice, my voice cracks at the end of my question. He pulls me up by my arms and says, "Is this what you want? You want the world to know how easy you are," my eyes widen.


"What are you talking about? I-" I couldn't finish my sentence because Kris smashed his lips against mine.


I feel him tremble and I take him and all his anger, trying to soothe him. After a few heartbeats, he lets go and rests his forehead against mine. His chest is heaving up and down and breathing rapidly. In a small voice, I said, "What did you see that made you so upset?"

I look up and see he's wrestling with his emotions to be in control. He steps away from me and runs a hand through his hair and points at the magazine. I pick it up and look through until I land on my face peering at me. The topic that I posed for was for the wedding night most women dream of. The only thing that may be construed as easy is the article and positions to reach a climax.

"Do you think that applies to me? They just need some good visuals for the article. Are you for real tripping over this? Some of your photo shoots are similar to these," I walk to him and gently put my hand on his forearm. He doesn't jerk my hand off which I take it that he's calmed down.

I step in front of him and grab his face with both my hands. He looks at me and he bites his lip. After a few moments of exchanging glances, he sighs. "I'm sorry," he says while grabbing my hands from his face and pulling me towards him in an embrace. He snuggles his face in the crook of my neck and kisses it gently.

"I forgive you but don't jump to conclusion like that again, it really hurt my feelings when you said that," I said, pushing my body away from his so he knows that I'm serious. He nods and snuggles back in. "I'm willing to forgive you fully if you accompany me to a Gala this evening," I said.

"I wish I could but after my interview, I have to fly back to New York for a concert," He tightens his arms and then lets go completely. "Do you want to fly with me for the concert?" he says with a flirtatious smile. I think about it. If I go with him, I can't be with him while he's getting ready and during the performance, he won't see me and after the concert, he'll be too tired to hang out with me because he'll have to board the plane to South Korea. We would both be exhausted and tired when we return home. I shake my head and say what I was thinking and he assures me he won't be tired.

I know he's just saying that to make me go but my practical side is telling me not to go. "I really would like to go with you but we both know the truth and I would rather be watching your performance on the TV, free from sweaty-screaming-fangirls." I smile and he does too. He nods.

I walk him to the front door where he picks up his carry-on bag. I open the door and I see a black sedan waiting in my driveway. I glance at Kris and he waves to the car. The chauffer steps out of the car and walks over to us. He adresses Kris and I in a very detached professional greeting and grabs Kris's bag and stows it in the trunk and gets back in the car.

"So, you called ahead, I'm assuming?", looking for confirmation. He nods, "I didn't want you to drive me there and have to drive back home." I shake my head at his statement and I say, "If I could stay with you for a few hours driving you to your interview, I wouldn't have minded the drive back home." I pout.

"Well, if that's what you want," he rests his index finger on my lips while he's talking to me, "then I'll tell him to go." I bite his finger, not enough force to injure him but to shock him. "Hey!" says Kris. "Don't make this man go to the trouble of coming here and not pick you up. He wouldn't get paid." I said a bit reprimanding in my voice. He pouts and nods. I stand on my tippy toes and encircle my arms around his neck and lean my body against his. "I'll miss you, text me when you get to the interview and the concert," giving him butterfly kisses all over his face. "I just want to make sure that you are still alive after being bombarded with fangirls and reporters." He embraces me tightly and kisses me profoundly, leaving me breathless when he lets go. He heads over to the car door and blows a kiss and gets in.

The car backs out of my driveway and down the street. Once it's out of view, I walk back in the house and look at the magazine. I pull out my pictures and put it in the coffee table drawer. I make a mental note of what the gift basket has: a 500 gift card to a brand store, wine, Gala tickets, magazine, assorted chocolates, and a Thank You card from Ricky and the gang.

I think about the Gala and I pick up the tickets, I read over the fine print and it says I can bring a plus one and what the dress code is. I'm thinking about who to bring, excluding Kris, when my phone pings. I go grab my phone from the floor and look at the sender. I have an epiphany on who to bring to the Gala tonight.


Can you guess who's coming to the Gala?

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