GD's Birthday Countdown Day 6!!

Hey guys!!

Today we are asking "what is GD to you?"

For me, GD is comfort, inspiration, and hope.

When I was first introduced to kpop, it was through Big Bang. When I listen to them, especially older stuff, I am filled with the warm fuzzies. GD's intro in Bad Boy frequently gives me chills and I am filled with Nostalgia. Crooked also does this to me. GD, along with all of Big Bang are comforting. They feel like home.

GD is inspiring. Seeing all he has accomplished with his hard work makes me push a little harder. He makes me want to be the best me I can be.

GD helps me feel hope. Just like everyone else, I have had to deal with a lot of shit in my life. Sometimes my struggles with my mental health gets overwhelming and I wonder if this is it, if this is the best it will ever be - just surviving and not really living. Then I think about all the things I still want to do, like go to one of GD's concerts, see the YG building, etc. I was not well enough to go before, but that doesn't mean I will never be. He gives me hope for my future.

GD is an amazing person who influences many people in many different ways. What is he to you?

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