Battle Thursday

Hey guys so welcome back to another round. This week's battle will feature two female swordsman. So any ways the first contender is :

Emi YusaEmi Yusa


Her powers and abilities include:

Barrier Creation: A simple spell that protects the target from harm; it can be used to block out magical energy and absorb physical blows.

Memory Manipulation: By touching the target's forehead, she can erase a person's memories.Sleep Magic: By touching the target's forehead, she can make someone fall asleep.

Energy Projectiles: During the fight against Lucifer and Olba, Emi fired an energy projectile from her hand to counter the priest's surprise attack against Ashiya.

Flight: Emi is shown to be capable of flight using her Celestial Force.

Gate Creation: She can open gates between worlds using her magic, though due to the torrent of energies within, it requires the user to expend more power in order to navigate the interior of the vortex.

Master Swordsmanship: When taken by the Church of Ente Isla, Emilia started undergoing training so that she could wield the mighty blade. Her skill is such that she can use the sword to effortlessly parry and reflect magical blasts and bullets simply by shifting the position of her wrist.

Heavenly Flame Slash: Using her blade as a medium, Emilia can unleash a swarm of fiery daggers capable of injuring even the strongest of demons.

Heavenly Ice Dance: When clashing against an opposing force of energy, Better Half can produce a frosty atmosphere capable of freezing magic and blocking out its effects. However, she could move and recover from her injuries soon after tapping into her magical reserves. In addition to her rapid recovery, she is also shown to possess acute reflexes even in human, as she was able to avoid Sariel's scythe and dodge multiple projectiles in close combat. She was also trained in hand-to-hand combat by Albert Ende.

TThe he devil is a part timerdevil is a part timer

The other contender is :The other contender is :

Asuna YuukiAsuna Yuuki


Powers and abilities:

Sword SkillsRapier SkillsLinearOblique

Parallel Sting

Shooting Star




ALfheim Online (ALO)Sword SkillsRapier SkillsNeutron - A 5-hit combo.

Quadruple Pain - A 4-hit combo

Flashing Penetrator

Original Sword Skills

Starry Tear - A 5 hit combo.

Mother's Rosario - An 11-hit combo (inherited from Yuuki).

Sword Art OnlineSword Art Online


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