Gangsta Love: Debutante Society - Chp 13: Sadist


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You come a very wealthy family, and even became a Debutante. One day you find out your parents have arrange a marriage for you. It wasn't any ordinary agreement though, they had basically sold you off to gain power and more money from a perverted old man. You ran away the night you found out and haven't looked back since. With your new identity you work at a bar as a bartender to get by, to only fall in love with one of the clubs V.I.Ps at first site.


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(Y/N POV)~



I was coming home from working at the front desk of the gym. Seonghwas was sitting on the couch, Leaning his arms on his legs. He seem to be annoy, but I had no idea why. I got WooBae my instructor to give me a ride home, and I told him about it. So there was no way I could of done anything to annoy him.

"What's the matter? If its WooBae giving me a ride, you know he's gay, right?"

He just shook his head, but his eyes never left me. I was scared to walk by him, but I had to at least shower and change. Right as I was about to walk by him, he snatched my arm. Seonghwa than pulled me down onto the couch, as I drop everything I was carrying on the floor. He tower over me, and pull my arms behind my back.


I try to get free, but it was kind of hard, since he had me face down. "You got away with not being punished last night for the trouble you got yourself into. I struggle against him, until I felt something fuzzy wrapping around my wrist. "Be quiet or I will gag you." I bit on my lip, as I try to get free from the cuffs.

Seonghwa's arm wrap around my waist, to lift my ass up. He than slapped my behind extremely hard. "Count them..." I growl as I looked up at wall of the couch. "One..." He repeated the slapping until I counted til ten.

He then pulled me to sit up with my feet under me. My ass was stinging as I sat back, and I glared up at Seonghwa. He grip my chin firmly, as I saw him smirk. "You still don't think you did wrong?" I jerk my head to the side, to break free from his grip.

"You seriously are one fucking control sadist, Seonghwa."

It was my turn to be angry, because I knew I wasn't in the wrong. He was just being too strict. I needed out of the house, and I had the right to work if I wanted to as well. I just wanted to talk to him face to face, out of respect. "This is one of the things I love about you, y/n. You're feisty, you sexy sapphire."

The moment I heard that nickname, I felt my heart race. The look he had in his eyes scream that I was going to see how much of a sadist he really was tonight. He crush his lips, forcing his tongue down my throat, as his hand rested at the nape of my neck. His other hand glided down my side towards the cuff. Seonghwa free my wrist when he pulled away for us to catch our breath.

"Closet... now."

Seonghwa flicked my lower lip with his thumb, before sitting down to fidget with the fuzzy cuffs. I slowly got up, and watched him carefully, before making my way to the closet. When I open the door to the closet, I saw a two piece fuzzy booty shorts, and fuzzy bra. I pulled at the tail, to see how soft it was, when it detached from the booty shorts.

It was a plug tail for the back door, sending me into shock. "No!" I threw the tail back into the closet and slam it shut. "Fuck No! I am not wearing that!" He never had or asked me to perform that in the past, and there was no way I was going to now. "What's the problem? Don't wanna be a sexy little kitten?"

I looked over at Seonghwa and cross my arms. "No fucking way I am wearing... I can deal with you being a sadist, but I am not going that far. I got to remember, I have shit I won't do either." He walked over to me, to push me against the closet.

"Fine, but just know I'm going to have you in the way I want you." The anger was back, so I pushed him away from me. "Fuck off..." I broke away form him to go clean up my mess I left in the living room. I stop when I saw that he had already clean it up. Seonghwa's hands grabbed my top and pulled it off of me.


I broke free from him, standing in front of him in a bra and shorts now. "I said no... You may be my husband, but I read over those contract fully, I don't have to feed your damn sadist ways if I don't want to. "Says the woman that nearly got her husband and his friends in trouble mob wise! You don't have to wear the tail, but go put on the cat outfit as part of your punishment, that's an order Sapphire."

I just stared at him in shock that he actually used the sadist line that meant I had to do what he said. "Fuck you Gray." He's annoyance subsided as he looked at me surprised too. "I love you, with all of my heart, Seonghwa, but I am in no mood to deal with your fucking sadist ass right now." I storm over to stand in front of him.

"But there is no way you are getting any pussy this way. I won't play with you out of my comfort zone. You understand me?" In a slipt second, I found myself saddling his waist, because he picked me up by my ass. He crush his lips against mine once again, before squeezing my booty.

I wrap my arms around his shoulders to make sure I didn't fall back. Seonghwa carried me back into the bedroom, while I ran my fingers through his hair. He drop me onto the bed, as he pulled my pants off. I try to stop him, but the cuffs came back out. He crawl over me to cuff my hands together, before linking the cuffs to a chain attach to the bed.

"Yah! Seonghwa I said no sadist shit."

He just smirked at he grip my thighs. "You were saying no to the plug and costume." I wiggle to get free from him and the cuffs, but he slam his hand beside my head. "Stop it, Y/N. You keep pulling at the cuffs, you will get hurt for real. I am not trying to hurt you right now."

Seonghwa soften on me, as he noticed he terrified me, with his action. "I just want to please the both of us, just your punishment for getting in danger is that you are not allow to touch me. I could do so much worse than this." His other hand slid down between my legs.

"I could have you suspended right now, but I don't wanna scare you. I could have all my toys out and make you cum over and over again, until you pass out, but I want your trust. I could have even your legs cuffed with a bar, turn over and wrap in rope... But I want you to enjoy us... I want you to know even if I have you cuff up and being punish, I still love you."

Seonghwa peck my lips, before I realized what his hand was really doing. I felt a warmth coming over my body, and my anger subsiding. "Oh now you noticed?" He grinned as his hand kept playing its magic trick. My breathing turn into a heavy panting, as he started to nibble at my neck.

I moved only a little bit, but instead of trying to get free from the cuffs, I ended up clutching onto them for dear life. "Someone enjoying my touch." He whispered in my ear, as he soon pulled away to sit up. He stop playing with me, to remove my bra and panties, leaving me completely naked and cuffed to our bed. He stood before me and bit his lower lip.

"Damn, My wife is so damn beautiful... I can see you're toning up too." He walked around to just admire my body. Seonghwa stop at my head, and took off his clothes. He then lean over me to peck my lips. "Remember our honeymoon?" He smirked before standing up straight.

I giggled, before opening my mouth and sticking my tongue out. "God damn I married well." He was about to let me get a taste of his lollipop, He stop midway. "You've been working out right?" I nodded my head as we both looked at each other.

"When was the last time you had your cycle?" I press my lips together and crossed my legs. He instantly moved to uncuff me, and have me sit up on the bed. "Y/N, answer me please..." I pounce on him, and was able to pin him down onto the bed.

"One month..."

His eyes got wide, as he looked up at me. "Yeah, I was going to surprise you... I knew something was up during our honeymoon... Its why I disappear on you that day." Seonghwa touched my stomach, and grin in pure joy.

"Damn y/n, you should of told me sooner... I would of been more gentle with you during out honeymoon." I brush my lips against him, as his hands held my waist. "I wanted the both of us to enjoy our honeymoon to its fullest. I was going to tell you today, but you had to be in sadist mood."

Seonghwa sat up, knowing full well he was stronger than me, and locked lips with me. He pulled me close by my thigh, to slip his way inside of me. A gasp escape my lips allowing him to start a tongue war with me. It didn't take long for him to start bucking his hips into mine. My fingers play with his hair, as he play the keys on my spin.

He took my arms into his hands and lean back. "No touching, just riding." He winked at me, as I didn't fight him this time. I just did as he said and went at my pace. He counter my bouncing, and made me pick up the pace.

I tilt my head back as our moans replace the silences throughout the house. He pulled me down to hold me close as held me. We rolled over so that I was the one laying down this time. Seonghwas held my hands and pin them beside my head. his thrust got rougher, as if he was trying to make me have a baby on top of another baby.

"I can only get preg- gnant on-nce"

I manage to talk, as my line earn me a smile. "Yeah and..." We just smile and kept at it until the sun actually did come up. I was laying in his arms, with one arm wrap around my body. I snuggle up to him, getting a kiss on the top of my head.

"I'm not going to tell the others without you... but I will tell Simon. This means you will need a bodyguard."

I lean up a bit so I look up at him. "Why though, his the shady shit you do that bad?" Seonghwa look sadden as he nodded his head yes. "Fine but when I work at the gym, have it at least be WooBae. Even Dream trusts him, so I think having him look out for me too will be good."

Seonghwa smiled, as his hand rested at the nape of my neck. "I swear, its like you were made for me." I giggled softly before kissing him. His attention was stolen away from me, when his phone rang. It was in the other room, so he had to leave me alone in our bed to answer it.

I wrap my sheet around me, to go join him in the living room. He look furious after ending the call. "I got to go to work now... text me when you have to go off to work. Or you could wait til the body guard arrives."

He grabbed my hand, to take me into his personal studio office. Seonghwa pointed to the key pad. "Its your birthday, I made it easy for you even when in panic. This room is to become your panic room when in emerancy." He let go to get to the safe under the stereo speaker.

"Combo is our wedding day."

Seonghwa open it up to pull out a box of bullets, and a pistol. "It pre-loaded, but it also has a safety lock on it." He came over and show me how to turn off he safety. "What is this all about, Seonghwa oppa." He looked at me and kissed my forehead.

"Mr. Kim is threatening to harm your parents to get you out in the opening. He doesn't believe that you are my wife and under our protection."

I wasn't surprise he was going that far, but I felt cold. I always felt numb when it came to my parents. "You know you should let him... that'll be one problem I don't have to deal with anymore." Seonghwa looked at me a bit stun by my words.

"They really fuck up that much with you? They are your parents, after all." I punch the wall and was able to make a dent, due to my rage fuel by my wrath. "And they sold me to that creep! The only parents I have are the ones that gave birth to the most amazing man in my life."

He came over to take my hands in his own, to see that I was trembling now. We kissed before he kissed my hands next. "Your rage is understandable, and I will tell them that last part. They will love to hear you said that able them and me." I looked up at him to see that charming smile.

"For now remember this is your safe room and if you need to, there is a gun in the safe to protect you, when I'm or the guard aren't able to." I nodded my head, before he put the gun back and headed to the bedroom to get ready for work. I looked around the personal studio room, since it was the first time I was allow inside.


I came running to Seonghwa's side, to be pulled into his embrace. "The guard will be here in five minutes. Let me know when he arrives, okay?" I nodded my head, before fixing his shirt a bit. "I love you, Y/N."

He kissed my head, before touching my stomach, "You too my future child." I peck his cheek, earning a sweet smile. "We love you too, Seonghwa." He peck my lips, before getting his keys and heading out of the apartment.

I truly am bless to have him by my side.

With our child on the way, its only understandable why he gotten more protective.

but I wonder how far was Mr. Kim willing to go to get to me.


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