K-Pop 101: Let's Learn Seventeen Music Videos (Pt. 3)

Hello everyone!!

Well.... here we are... at part 3 of this music videos thing... Which means... That I'm almost done~!!

Like.... You guys do not know how long these cards took me >...< These are seriously the reasons why it took me so long to actually post the first card to this series... Damn... Imagine when I try to teach you guys a group that's been around for like... 10 years or something....o.o...

I.... really need to work on making each members' description shorter Cx Like... The very first videos were fine... I didn't write that much for each member and I actually was describing them... I just looked at the part two card and well.... I was basically just fangirling over each member and writing a lot of nonsense cX

Whoops... I'll work on that;;

...Enough stalling!! This card will be long enough as is without this intro part >.< Soooo ya, let's go right ahead o.o

Healing (힐링)

Released Oct 16, 2016


Joshua -(Guyyyyyssssssss I thought Joshua was pure and innocent before.... But duuuuddeee he has pink hair in this video!!! And he was the one who opened up the song!! He's soooo precious!! His smile gives me so much life~ And the scene with him and Dino!! They're both so adorable!! They paired up the cuties together in this video~ Awwwwww he's so precious in this video!! His smile!! Awwwwwww someone hold me he's so cute!!!! Cx)

Vernon - (Vernon!! O.O Damn;; He was even more easier to notice in this video;; With his orangish-blonde hair thing cX But, I seriously found Vernon so cute in this video!! cX And he won a little charmander!! So precious Vernon!! Did you see his adorable smile?? cX Also!! Bonus!!! ....We got to see him shirtless when he went swimming with Seventeen...!!! :D Oh happy, happy days~ cX I love the bellies~)

The8 - (Yes, The8 is the cool kid who did the sick front flip into the water and he's the one who was doing those amazing b-boying moves cause... you know... The8 IS AMAZING AND SO SEXY AND HANDSOME AND HE CAN DO THOSE THINGS WHICH MAKE HIM TEN TIMES SEXIER O.O LIKE, WHY DOESN'T EVERYONE STAN HIM!?!? ...Also, I love his short brown hair;; It makes him look so so precious cX)

Woozi - (...Is it just me.... or does Woozi look like Seventeen's child when he walks around with them... because he's so small...?? I don't know man!! He just looks so so cuuuuuttteee!! With his short blonde hair and him wearing all black!! He's too cute!! And his eyes!! I can never get over his eye smile!!! He's just too precious and he's not even the maknae!! cX Not even close!! But the other members really make him seem like one in this video Cx)

Wonwoo -

Mingyu -

Jeonghan -

S.Coups -

DK -

Seungkwan -

Hoshi -

Dino -

Jun -

Hmm... Just when I thought that Seventeen couldn't get anymore adorable... I had to go and watch this video!?!? Like oh my gaawwwddd!! How does one not fall for this group!?!? God, I willingly stepped into the hole of the Diamond Life and now.... I'm falling and falling and falling even more down this fandom hole...

It's too late for me!! And I'm sorry to all who innocently joined me in falling for this group >.<

Check-In (SVT Mixtape)

Released Nov 1, 2016


Boom Boom (붐붐)

Released Dec 4, 2016



Released Jan 2, 2017


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