What Just Happened?😳


So My Fellow Otakus & ARMY who used to follow me. Idk what just happened but this update made everyones account FRESH AND NEW. Everyone (including you) has started fresh. So now that I have new and returning followers I would just like to say Thank you❤ and Welcome to my collection I wanted to give you all a heads up on what I post (and what I will be posting again) xD


So to my new followers I used to have collections for certain things I would post but now that you follow me you will see everything I post even if you dont know it or like it. So here are the following themes/cards that you will be seeing from me❤

All Ships (Canon or Not) from Fairy Tail that I Love will be posted on the daily xD From Fan Art Comics to good old Anime/Manga scenes❤

Any Anime Ships that I love will pe posted. From Haku × Yona❤(Yona of the Dawn) to Yuri × Victor❤ (Yuri on Ice)

All things Yuri On Ice!!! From beautiful Victuri moments & fan art to Otauri Fan Art❤

Some Otakus have given me their Birth Dates and when their special comes I do my best to post a Birthday Card just for them so if you're interested in this then you are most wlecome to tell me your Bday and see what is made especially for you❤

Anime Hotties are all over the place And I feel very Obligated to show them xD So expect Hot Females & Males from yout Favorite Anime to be seen❤

All Things Fairy Tail (Ship or Non ship related) will be a norm so also look out for that xD

Moments whether it's funny or sad I will aleays share stuff from my favorite Animes so also look out for that xD

And Last But Certainly Not Least. My newest Obsession❤ Anything Related to BTS❤ Memes or Appreciation or Amazing Fan Art! All things BTS will be posted as well❤


Once again Welcome and I hope you dont regret following me xD jk but I do hope you enjoy my cards❤

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