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Almost Human Season 1 Episode 3 leaked, Watch Almost Human Season 1 Episode 3 Streaming Online Free,Watch Almost Human S1E3 Are You Receiving?, watch Almost Human Season 1 Episode 3 Are You Receiving? online, free stream Almost Human S01E03 HD quality, watch Almost Human Season 1 Episode 3 (2013) Length CLICK HERE TO WATCH FULL EPISODE ~~~>>> http://goo.gl/pRVHZH CLICK HERE TO WATCH FULL EPISODE ~~~>>> http://goo.gl/pRVHZH CLICK HERE TO WATCH FULL EPISODE ~~~>>> http://goo.gl/pRVHZH Episode Name: Are You Receiving? Air date: 11/25/2013 Summary: Detective Kennex and Dorian battle an intense and futuristic hostage situation, while Captain Maldonado attempts to meet the terrorist's demands, hoping to protect innocent people. When I was offered Almost Human to review I jumped at the chance. Karl Urban, combative androids, a dystopian future, what’s not to like? Actually, given how wrong some shows with a similar profile can go, there wasn’t a slam-dunk about this production even if it had the budget and acting talent boxes already ticked. I’m therefore delighted to report that in the pilot episode my worst fears were almost entirely negated, as Almost Human delivered a well-paced and succinct introduction to crime fighting in 2048, even if it wasn’t exactly cliché free. In the first five minutes they lay down the basic premise of the show, where Detective John Kennex (Urban) returns to the active police roster after serious injury, and it teamed with a ‘synthetic’ officer against his personal preferences. I love Urban as an actor, even if he’s often given limited acting opportunities in the action roles he’s famous for. Clearly in Almost Human he’s going to get a much greater opportunity to display his range, but the irony of this first outing is how they effectively flip personalities. Because after he’s ditched his ‘MX’ handler and been put with Dorian, the emotional droid, the joke becomes he’s a human who acts like a droid coupled with a droid who acts like a human. How well this will work over the coming season is very much down to Dorian (Michael Ealy), who I’d thankfully forgot was also in the diabolically bad FlashForward. I liked him in this, mostly because the writers seemed determined to make Dorian like a young child who hasn’t reached that self-conscious phase. Conveniently for the plot, this is exactly the sort of personality that Kennex can relate, because the MX series have all the inherent person skills of IRS agents with irritable bowel syndrome. In fact the only future design that I didn’t really buy was how creepy the MX were, given that their job is essentially to interact with humans. But Dorian, as we’re repeatedly told is ‘special’, and he’s handed over by the excellent Mackenzie Crook (Pirates of the Caribbean, The Office) as android geek Rudy Lom. As things progressed, I was tempted to think that I’d seen all this before in numerous guises, most notably in the Asimov-inspired I, Robot. Yes, we’ve seen a few buddy cop shows and movies over the year where one of them inherently dislikes the other, but learns to overcome their prejudice. What shocked me here was how rapidly we got to that point, because by the end of the pilot Kennex is chilled with Dorian, in a way that I was expecting him to get maybe in the season finale. That hopefully means the show isn’t really about that, or racial prejudice (making Dorian black) or body dysmorphic disorder (Kennex’s leg), or authority issues. What exactly it will be about isn’t clear, but I take that as good news in this respect. As well as introducing the characters, the pilot also hints at the power of the Syndicate, the bad guys who killed Kennex’s team and maimed him. Who is their source in the precinct, and is everyone there actually human? My hope, and I’ve had these dashed in the past, is that they introduce an android sub-culture unknown to the humans, and it’s Dorian’s purpose to guide Kennex into a greater understanding of his kind. If that sounds a bit too much like Alien Nation then I make no apologies, because as science fiction buddy cop shows go, that one was pretty good. To get things rolling, Fox has already aired a second episode. After that I’ll have a better idea where this show is going, and if the budget is big enough to support Urban, Crook and believable effects. . . . . . . . . . . . CLICK HERE TO WATCH FULL EPISODE ~~~>>> http://goo.gl/pRVHZH CLICK HERE TO WATCH FULL EPISODE ~~~>>> http://goo.gl/pRVHZH CLICK HERE TO WATCH FULL EPISODE ~~~>>> http://goo.gl/pRVHZH

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