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- Hello and what's up guys as promised I've decided to start a new game -


You've moved into a new apartment that comes with, attractive butler's!!?!? Hot tea, linems, catering to you every wish. But you have no idea what hides behind that elegant smile. Not all butler's are saints, but one of them has fallen for you. However love between a butler and that of whom he serves if forbidden. Who has fallen for you, will you ever be able to love in peace?
Your heart is now at the mercy of your butler as you begin a new life at the apartment of your dreams.

Who Is Your Secret Lover?

"Butler Until Midnight" "Butler Until Midnight"

*****This game follows a plot similar to the of the Voltage Inc. "Butler Until Midnight" This is my own take on a spin off version K-Pop style where things are going to follow a similar plot but the storyline itself will be completely different and your answers will be crucial to determining who your forbidden lover is.


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