■□■ [Chapter 6] Silent Malady ■□■

Chapter 6 Silent Malady


Chapter 5

Things to Know Prior to reading Chapter 6:

- Use Of Strong Language

- Violence and Mentions Of Homocide




Shit, does she not know how to pick up a damn phone. I've called Hyun-Ju several times already with no response. You'd think she'd know how to pick up a phone after all the trapping she's done. Fucking whore.

The pavement outside was cold. I had taken off my shoes earlier. Who knows what kind of fucking diseases was in the damned ladies house. What ever was in the building couldn't have been worse than anything I'd catch in the real world.

Not too far from where I'm standing I see too delinquents making out in a beat up old car. Disgusting, I bang on the window trying to gaining their attention.

"Fucking prostitutes, you damn kids are always-" They break away and turn cheekily to look at me.


I wake up inside the vehicle with throbbing pain in the back of my head. What the fuck , fucking shitbags. The car was filled with smoke so all I could see was the outlines of their faces.

"Hey who the hell are you" Seunghyun mocks cheekily.

"Seriously, he wreaks like and old man"  The hot car fills with laughter and a girl leads in closer to me blowing smoke in my face.

Fucking druggies. A car pulls up along side of us and many man jump out highjacking the car. Pulling out Seunghyun and his bitch ass friends. I try to move my body but my head if still out of it from getting bashed earlier. I find myself blacking out again.


I wake up in an abandoned parking lot. Blood is scattered throughout the place and I see those kids from earlier laying on the ground. If they're dead than serves them right.

I hear screaming in the near distance, and a woman begins to run towards me. I guess all the rats aren't dead afterall. Two men chase after her dragging her back before finishing her off completely.

"All shit in this world must die, isn't that right... Seunghyun" a man with a butterfly tattoo laughs. I try to get up, I wasn't the most graceful so I fell back down triggering the man's attention to me.


"And thats all you can remember?"

"Yea, he ran after me and happened next was a all a blur" I tell the officer. Taeyang skips over to me and thows a towel in my face.

"Got you ass handed to you huh, big shot" He pulls the lollipop from his lips twirling it.

"Fuck off, where are they!!"

"Relax, you know I've never seen someone so eager for a second ass whooping."

I scoff "Who were they?"

"What's wrong did I just discover a secret fetish" He chuckles, ignoring my question. "Why are you here anyway"

"A walk" I answer simply

"Your daughter Iye, she's wrapped up with Seunghyun. No?"

"Answer my question!!"

He crouched down to get eye level with me "No, need to get so feisty. Seunghyun, he was gets chased by both member of his own group, and the Akatsuki. And you just got caught in the cross fire like some party clown. Lucky you, isn't that fun"

Smug bastard. "What did he do?"

"Seunghyun? Who knows what kids are doing these days."

"You do, this is just around you corner isn't it" I smirked

"Are you trying to mark me down as some type of pedo. A sly one you are Mr.Kim. Remember that blood bath, well one of the kids that got murdered his name was Lee Jinwoo he was a former member of the Choi group. Look like he and Seunghyun has alittle bit of beef to be settled and Mr. Choi really sorted it out for himself."

"So some how Seunghyun and all this is connected-"

"A bright one aren't you" he stands up popping his lollipop back in his mouth.

"So which one of the guys hit you" he shows me a bunch of photos. I take the one of Seunghyun placing it in a pocket before getting walking away.

"It must be hard for you, your wife just left the apartment. And you just got back too, it's a shame." he chuckles causing me to turn around in disbelief.

"Your Staking me out?!?!"

"Your one of the prime witnesses for the murder case. It's my job, your lucky to have some as cute as me do you want a picture of me too."

A spit on the ground shake my head and walk off. I'm not dealing with this one. 



The hot leather seats of this car burn my ass, but there's no where else for me to go. My phone rings and I read the ID. "Kim Dongwoo" my step-father? What does he want, I pick up the phone but before I can say hello my ear gets blast off.

"Where is she!?!? Your kidnapped her didn't you"

Are you fucking serious? "I you think kidnapped my own Daughter!?!?" Does he really think I'd be covered in blood of my own and that of strangers if that was he case. "Return Iye, to us NOW!!" "Return her?!? She my daughter, mine and Hyun-Ju-" "NEITHER OF THEM HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOU NOW" he cuts me off "You and you're damn lawyer took everything from me!" "I'll call the police-" "DO WHATEVER YOU WANT YOU OLD FUCKER" I hang up the phone immediately, I can't believe I'm getting emotional over this.

I look up for my lap to see that girl Jimin from earlier. I whip open the open and chase after her stopping her in her tracks. "Where are they!?!?" "Iye? I don't know where she is-" "No, Where's the dope kid from earlier?" "Niko...I-I don't know what you're talking about" she says avoiding my gaze walking faster. I grab here and pull her into the nearest alley way covering her mouth to muffle her screams. "Don't fuck with me I need to speak to him! I don't care if you all die from drugs, but not her- not my daughter! You, Niko, Seunghyun, Mari-" "LET GO YOU CREEP" She grabs my shoulder gaining a grip on me before pepper spraying my face, and running off. That bitch. I hear her foot steps stop and she turns to face me. "IYE, YOUR DAUGHTER... THAT BITCH IS THE ONE WHO SOLD TO HER, ABUSED HER, PIMPED HER OUT AND KILLED HER!" She throws the can at me. "YOU DON'T KNOW SHIT ABOUT HER OR MARI , SO JUST STAY OUT OF IT" I grone in pain, my face feeling hot. "But I have to find her-" "I DON'T CARE IYE CAN GO TO HELL" She clutches her bag to her chest and runs away" Iye... 

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