Like Snow, Falling Out Of The Sky (17)

Xiumin woke up with Nari lying in his arms, a coat covering them, and a head full of images that felt like he only dreamed about. He saw one image of his hands wrapping around her upper arms squeezing hard, when he let go, he left behind red hand prints. He saw her face distort into pain at one point and tears squeezing out little a time but she seemed to like it.

He looked down at her shoulder and saw a bite mark.

“Damn it”

He got up slowly, letting Nari curl up on the seat. He found his clothes in the front seat. He slipped into the front as quietly as possible and put his clothes on. He looked around to see where they were. They were still at the park, it was late, not yet morning. Just at that time of the night when everything feels up in the air before it descends into morning. He heard her calling his name, then she sat up, still covered with his jacket. He saw her clothes laying on the floor on the driver side. He grabbed them and handed them back to her.

“Are you okay?” He asked not fully looking at her. He looked down at his grass stained pants. He tried to recall everything but only got bits of images of them rolling around in the grass. He couldn't remember how they got back to the car.

“Uh-huh, I'm fine. Are you?” She asked. She leaned forward, hanging her arms over the seat, looking at him. “You were so wild, I never knew. You took me hard on the grass and then again in the backseat.”

He tried to smile but couldn't, “Did I hurt you?” He looked back at her, his face turning red.

“It's nothing I can't handle.” She smiled.

He noticed a dark mark on her neck as she moved around, trying to rub her shoulder.

“I'm sorry. I didn't want it to happen that way. I'll understand if you don't…” his words stopped when she crawled over the seat, grabbing him and giving him a soft kiss. When she pulled away, he stared at her wondering why.

“I don't want this to stop. I really don't.” She said. She tried to button her shirt but most of the buttons were gone. She laughed and pulled her shirt closed.

“I really wanted this to work properly.” He said kind of sadden by events he can't remember. He wanted to tell her about this but he would let it go this time. He didn't want her thinking that he was doing it on purpose.

She turned to him, taking his hand, “Minseok, I loved every minute of it. If I didn't want it to happen, I would have stopped you. In a way, I kinda pushed you into it. I promise, next time I won't. I'll let it happen naturally.” She scooted over next to him. Lifted his chin and kissed him again.

Xiumin returned the kiss, pulling her closer to him. It felt nice.

He snuck back into the dorm and up to his room. Although, he doesn't know why he's sneaking around. He's the eldest, he can do whatever he wants. The managers usually don't bother him because of this, they trust him. Him and Suho were the only ones the managers didn't worry so much about, because they believed they were mature and knew well enough to be on their own.

He slipped into his room and closed the door softly. When he turned around, he jumped a foot into the air, clutching his chest, nearly frightened to death.

“Oh jeezus… Junmyeon! What the freaking hell?!”

Suho was sitting on his bed, watching him quietly enter his own room.

“What did you do, sleep in here? Is Sehun being noisy again?” He asked taking his jacket off.

“Jongdae woke up in the middle of the night and was looking for you. I think he had a nightmare. He kept saying something about a monster on the loose.” Suho got off his bed. “I just took him back to his room, I think you better go see him.”

Xiumin looked at him and was about to rush out when Suho stopped him. Suho looked at him up and down, looked at his dirty clothes and messy hair.

“You better get cleaned up first.”

Xiumin hurried getting cleaned up. He rushed into Chen’s room. Chen was lying on his bed with his eyes closed, his face mostly buried into the pillow. Xiumin crawled in behind him, wrapping his arm over him. Chen buried his face into the pillow.

“I'm sorry.” Xiumin said sorrowfully.

“You let it out, didn't you? You promised.” Chen cried. “Are you going to tell her at least? She should know what she's getting into.”

“It's not that serious.”

Chen threw his blankets off and ran out of the room.

Xiumin laid in Chen's bed, waiting for him to come back but Chen didn't come back. He laid there thinking, wondering how he could get this under control. He yawned and closed his eyes.

Like Snow, Falling Out Of The Sky (18)

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