Seventeen concert in Dallas

Hello fellow carats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tonight I went to Diamond Edge at the Verizon Theater in Grand Prairie. Here are my pictures.

So excited to see the boys!!!!!!!!!

The stage is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!

Hello diva boo! Yes we know you have a big personality! It's exuberant!

Hi Dino!

Hello Vernon! I can't wait to see you again!

Hello Wonwoo!

Hello Minghao

Hi Hoshi! I'm glad you're back! Please be careful next time! We don't want you to be hurt again!

Hi Mingyu!! He's my favorite!!!!!!!

Hello Jeonghan! You look great! I missed your long hair!!!!

Hi short person! Lee Jihun needs to stop feeling so small around his members!

Hi Seungcheol! It was so nice to see you!!

Hello sunshine!!!! You really lit this place up DK! I'll see you soon!

My spiritual husband, Joshua! Hong Jisu stole my heart ever since he charmed me with his sexy voice!

Hi Jun!

As you can see, I am wearing a green sticker on my left side. Why do you ask that? Well you're about to get jealous but... I GOT TO TOUCH THE MEMBERS' HANDS!!!!!! OMG! I felt so lucky to have this opportunity to participate in the after show high touch! To put it into perspective, it went by so quickly, I didn't have time to talk to them. :( all I could do was say hi, touch their soft hands and leave the venue. :'( their heads were so big, they were so tall and handsome that I felt so flustered just standing next to them. I wish I could fly over to Korea and attend a meet and greet someday when I get the chance to do so, but I will never forget how tall, big, handsome and soft they were to not only me but all of the other lucky fans that got to meet them. Until next year, when they come again, I will never forget this moment and I will always admire them on my phone. See you soon Seventeen!

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