Like Snow, Falling Out Of The Sky (20: EXØplicit 19+)


**Sexual Content**

***EXØplicit 19+***

Short but sweet...

Jongdae’s Dream...

Chen pushed the hotel door open.

He walked in, his clothes dropping to the floor. Xiumin was on the bed holding Nari down. He crawled up into the bed, Nari was pleading for him to stop but Xiumin was grinning with wide eyes, enjoying how she was squirming underneath him. Her body was riddled with deep red scratches, teeth marks, purple suck marks, even her lip was bleeding a little from having been bitten. Chen climbed up next to Xiumin, looking down at her. He ran his hands down from Xiumin's shoulders to his hands, nuzzling his ear, making Xiumin moan happily.

“Where have you been?”

Chen gripped a handful of hair and pulled his head back, his tongue licking up his neck to his ear. “Let's you and I play…” They both looked down at Nari, “She don't know how to satisfy you. Only I know how.” He purred into Xiumin's ear, tugging at his hair.

“She'll learn to… we can teach her.” Xiumin looked back at Chen, “Wouldn't that be fun?” He grinned, his lip curling up over his teeth, looking back down at Nari with eyes full of possibilities. His little brain racing through what they could do to her.

Chen put his arms around Xiumin, “That depends on what you have in mind.” He whispered into his ear.

Xiumin rolled over, pulling Nari on top of him. She squeaked, “no more, Minseok, please… please Jongdae.”

“What? No more what, no more of this?” Chen asked as he nestled behind her, sitting on Xiumin’s thighs, he grabbed her waist and pulled her back over Xiumin's erection. He ran his hands up her body, cupping her breasts and squeezing, twisting her nipples. She moaned, letting her head fall back against his shoulder. “You're so soft.” He pulled her hair aside and nibbled at her neck.

Slowly her body began to move up and down. Chen moved a hand down between her legs, squeezing and playing with her.

“Come for me.” He said softly to her.

“I don't know if I can anymore…” she moaned out of breath.

“Yes you can, I know you can.” He fingers started rubbing her clit softly, making light circles, “I know you can because you're getting so wet.” He pushed her shoulders forward, making her back arch, his hand never stopping, his own erection teasing her other hole. Her body started to shake under him, her moans turning louder and louder. He closed his eyes, listening to her.

Then he felt warm arms wrap around him, cradling him, the sound of someone breathing into his ear as lips played with his earlobe. Fingers combing through his hair roughly. Nails clawing at his body, digging so deep into his skin, it stung.

“My Chen-Chen, how I've missed you.”

Like Snow, Falling Out Of The Sky (21)

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