[Live Recaps] I Do I Do EP 6 + Pics added

--------------------------------- I Do, I Do will start at 21:55 KST. I'm so excited !! I think today's episode will be really interesting !! Please refresh this card for live update:) ------------------------------------------- >Tae Kang runs to Ji An's house. Now he can understand why Ji An said that TaeKang ruins her plans. Ohhhhh Ji An tells her pregnancy to Eun Sung. Poor Eun Sung.... He doesn't know what to say. Eun Sung said, "So, what is your next plan??" Ji An said, "I don't know.. I went to in front of the hospital to have an abortion. But I feel sorry to ababy.It's not just a malignant tumor.." Eun Sung said, "So.. What do you want to me? Do I have to console you??" Ji An said, "You don't have to do it. I meet you because we met the conditions." >When Tae Kang meets Ji An he doesn't know what to do. Ji An only said, "You stay out of sight!!" >> Tae Kang says this story to his friend. Tae Kang imagines his marriage life with Ji An.lol So funny hahahaha >OMG............Tae Kang's father is swindled. They plan to move tomorrow.....T_T >One of Ji An's subordinates decides to drop out from the collaboration project because of her son. Ji An feel sorry for her. More and more, she understands the mother's heart. > Ji An goes shopping with Na Ri's mother. They meet Na Ri by chance. Bad mother.. She rouses Na Ri's jealousy. She said to Jian,"Now is not the time to hesitate.Prepare to be a CEO." > Oh, Na Ri follows Ji An. She criticizes Ji An severely. Ji An (with a sigh): Everybody has a tough life! Ji An's words embarrass Nari, who kept complaining to Ji An about her plight. Their rivalry gets increasingly intense.. >Ohhhh Tae Kang gets a call from Ji An. For what?? "Buy me pork hocks!"lol >When Ji An starts to eat pork hocks, she and Tae Kang also try to read their mind. hehe Tae Kang : "Stop beating around the bush!" Ji An : "...No..There is nothing to tell you.." She keeps him dangling.lol >Ohhhh what is she doing?? When she feels stiffiness, she shines shoes. Tae Kang : "Why do you choose shoe? I think clothes or bags are better." Ji An : "horse shoe brings good luck. Shoe casts spells to me. It makes me feel that I am the best." >Oh no... Tae Kang's father starts off somewhere to get back the money, When Ji An falls into a sleep, Tae Kang sees her face and talks to himself,"She is pretty^^" >Tae Kang prepares a breakfast for Ji An. Soup is tooo spicy, but she feels happy.lol Ji An eats a lunch with her friend and her friend's daughter. She is like her mother. When Ji An sees her friend and her daughter's happy times, she imagine her future with a daughter who looked just like her. >Tae Kang meets Ji An in front of the building. Tae Kang : "Why did you carry that heavy thing here?" and he asks to her. "What will you do this night?" Actually, she has a plan for dinner with her parents. But they make a date for after dinner ^^ >Eun Sung feels tangled emotions whenever he thought of Ji An. He participates in a debate on abortion. >Oh she meets Eun Sung in front of the restaurant. OMGGGGGG Ji An's parent arrange a meeting with Eun Sung's parents..... She wants to reveal the truth to their parents, but Eun Sung interrupts her. >Eun Sung : "Why did you confess your pregnancy to me? You know, I am a obstetrician. I don't know what to do... You are so selfish!" ----------------------------------------- EP 6 is over ! Now, Both Tae Kang and Eun Sung know Ji An's pregnancy... In Preview, Tae Kang talks to their parents. "We planned to not get married.." Also, Na Ri asks to Tae Kang, "What's happening with your relationship with Ji An?" Oh I can't wait for EP 7! Do you like today's episode? What do you think? Plz leave comments ^^ ps) I'll upload screenshots soon ^^ [Screenshots] Part 1 : http://www.vingle.net/posts/22414 Part 2 : http://www.vingle.net/posts/22417 Part 3 : http://www.vingle.net/posts/22418 Part 4 : http://www.vingle.net/posts/22420 Part 5 : http://www.vingle.net/posts/22422 Part 6 : http://www.vingle.net/posts/22423

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