M.I.B releases teaser for 'Worry About Yourself First'!

M.I.B has released a teaser to their digital single "Worry About Yourself First"! The song is a hip hop song as always for the group. Previously, 5Zic had tweeted, "This is M.I.B's digital single 2-track list. We composed a trendy track and hip hop track, so please look forward to it a lot and spread the word [11.27 Come Back]," along with the album tracklist. Cream also posted, "Coming Soon~~~." The tracklist contains two tracks, "Worry About Yourself First" featuring a mystery artist and the 19+ rated "Hippity Hippity Hop". Both were written by M.I.B and composed as well as arranged by 5Zic. The boys will be releasing the single on the 27th and have their first comeback stage on the 29th on KBS 2TV's 'Music Bank'.

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