Spelling with Kpop Idols

So after a long conversation it led to an interesting challenge, if we could spell each others names with Idols names.

Succeeded! to find E names and A names are harder to find then we thought.

Okay so here we go!

Jenni First!

J - Jennie from BlackPink

E- Edawn from Pentagon

N- Nayeon from Twice

N- Namjoon from BTS

I - I.M from Monsta X

there we have me! Jenni! lol

Next up Is Sarah!

S - Suga from BTS

A - Aliee

R - Rap Monster from bts. ( hehehe Joonie used twice!)

A- Amber from FX

H - Hoseok from BTS

Sarah! lol oh boy you know she's all bout bts when she tried doing her whole name with theirs. lol

Now its Dani's turn! Now its Dani's turn!

you know who we start out with for her?

D- D.O Kyungsoo! that's who!

A- Adachi Yuta from NCT.

N- N from Vixx.

I- Im seulong from 2 am. (holy cow!)

Dani! Yey we got all 3 names! lol that was a super fun challenge at . . . 2 am. lol. oh boy I see what I did there. (legit its 2 am at the moment lol)

Anyone wants to try it out, give it a shot! or drop a name, its a fun challenge to see if you can spell out your name.

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