■□■ SHINee Touring Without Onew!?!? ■□■


Thats right SHINee will be continuing touring in Japan without their beloved member Onew.

After SM entertainment and Onew discussed they came to a conclusion to have him self-reflect during the time of what is supposed to be SHINee's 2017 tour.


As some of you may know the K-Pop star got wrapped up in a case of sexual harassment earlier this year where the star was overly drunk at a club in Gangnam on August 12th. And of course being intoxicated he was unstable and kept falling. According to a witness Onew during one of his falls grazed the leg of a woman three times and the woman proceeded to press charges.

According to the police, Onew is receiving a charge for touching a specific part of a woman’s body three times while intoxicated at a club in Gangnam on August 12 at around 7:10 a.m. KST. At the time of the incident, the woman (hereafter referred to as A) was dancing on a platform 30 centimeters (approximately 11.8 inches) from the ground, while Onew was sitting on a chair next to the platform.

Since then those said charges by the woman "A" have been dropped after realizing it may have been just a misunderstanding. But the police are dithering the investigation.

Onew since has been dropped from castings on shows, been delayed from a future appear on a show called "Lets Eat Together", numerous fan pages of his had been shut down, and of course will not be attending the SHINee tour in Japan.

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