MBC Strike: What This Means for Kpop Fans

MBC is finally going on strike which is completely not normal for Korea.

everyone involved (not just the actors) often work 20-23 hours a day.

under pressure by the corrupt government.

no news, no radio, no dramas, no nothing

Because of this, it looks like a music festival has been cancelled as well.

BTS V and Twice Dahyun were going to host it and its line up would have included BTS, TWICE, Red Velvet, B1A4, BTOB, Teen Top, B.A.P, MAMAMOO, GFRIEND, BLACKPINK, iKON, EXID, NU’EST W, Lovelyz, ASTRO, and PRISTIN.

To be honest, I don't really care that this was cancelled, as I'd much rather have thousands of people's lives improved than watch a few groups perform one or two songs each that we've already heard before. I'm sad if this was anyone's one chance to see these groups live (like if they were vacationing to korea) but in the long run I think it will help a lot more people than it will inconvenience.

Here's to hoping the working conditions of people behind the shows we love so much improve greatly <3

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