Changmin - Not Your Ordinary Girl

Bunching up your chocolate colored tights, your weight depressed the part of the bed that you leaned against as you lifted up one of your legs and pointed your toes. Slipping your foot into the tights, you slowly pulled the fitting fabric over your legs and placed the waistband just above your hips. Picking up your cream colored sweater dress, you carefully maneuvered the fabric over your figure. Lifting your hair from underneath the collar of the dress, you turned around and looked at your reflection in the mirror.

Lifting a black leather jacket from the back of his desk chair, he slowly slipped his arms through the sleeves before adjusting the coat upon his shoulders. Grabbing the scarf that lay on his bed, he turned around and gazed at his reflection. With a graphic t shirt underneath his black leather jacket, he carefully wrapped the scarf around his neck as his eyes wandered over his black outfitted torso and jeans that fitted his lower half.

Pinning up a section of your hair with a slightly sparkly clip, you looked at your darker complexion with the overall outfit. Turning yourself slowly from side to side, your eyes meticulously trailed over your figure as your stomach churned with anticipation. Exiting your bedroom, you headed over to the doorway where you grabbed your beige tall boots. Slipping your feet into the boots, you carefully zipped up the backs and pulled the leather upwards to reach just below your knee.

Sliding the key into the ignition, he started the engine to his car, pressing in the

clutch, he shifted his car into gear before releasing the clutch and adding some gas as he followed the directions on his phone to his predesigned destination.

Shuffling your feet across the hardwood floor, you wrapped your arms around yourself as you slowly ran your thumb and finger over your lips while your mind slowly faded away in thought.

You have arrived, the voice came over his navigation system as he pulled into an open parking spot. Shifting his car into park, he twisted back the key and lifted his phone from the console before pushing open the driver door and stepping out of his car. Looking around his surroundings, a large building stood in front of him as he ran his tongue over his pink lips. Taking in a deep breath of the crisp fall air, he let out the deep breath as a slightly cloud formed just beyond his lips.

Your phone buzzed in your hand, inputting your password, you opened the unread message as it was from your friend, Tami.

Good luck on your blind date - Tami

That is if he shows up… I still don’t understand why you would set me up on a blind date and then not come with?

That is half of the fun :) Just remember to enjoy yourself - Tami

Positioning your fingers to type a reply, a knock came from your front door. Your eyes lifted from your phone as you stared at the front door, feeling your heart sink into the pit of your stomach, you slowly approached the door with a fast beating heart. Flipping back the lock, you twisted the handle slowly and peered through the small crack that you gave yourself to see who was on the other side of the door.

“Hello, is this is residence of ____ ______?” The well dressed man inquired.

Nodding your head slowly, your eyes dropped to the small bouquet of flowers between his fingers.

“I’m Shim Changmin, I believe that our mutual friend Tami set us up on a blind date.”

The handsome man explained, easing your worried slightly as you opened the door a touch more.

“It is nice to meet you” You told Changmin, your date, while opening the door wider.

Lifting your eyes to his, you watched his eyes quickly run over you before he extended out his arm holding the beautiful flowers.

“I didn’t know what your favorite flowers were so I chose the most colorful”

Changmin reasoned as you thankfully took the flowers, accepting his kind gesture.

“Thank you, they are very beautiful” You remarked, your eyes dropping down to the flowers while the soft perfume of the flowers caused a small smile to curl on your lips.

“So… I have a few things planned for tonight, but the plans are welcome to change if you aren’t comfortable with them.” Changmin suggested as his eyes slowly took in your beautiful skin tone, your hair framing your face flawlessly, how your outfit hugged all of right curves and the thought of your natural beauty filled his mind.

“What are the plans and I will tell you if I am comfortable with them or not” You teased, a playful smile pulling on your lips as you lifted your eyes from the beautiful flowers in your hands to his deep brown orbs.

“Good try” A chuckle slipped from his pink lips as he stepped back from the door to allow you room to exit your apartment if you chose to. “But I am not going to spill the beans that easily”

“Let me put these flowers in some water and grab my coat” You told him as a smile couldn’t help but fall on your lips as you headed into your apartment. Grabbing an empty glass vase, you filled it half full of water and placed the flowers inside. Heading back over towards the door, you pulled your coat off of the back of the couch and slipped your arms through the sleeves while you move closer to the front door.

“Ready?” Changmin questioned as he smiled once more at your flawless figure.

“Ready!” You pulled the door closed behind you before the two of you headed into the cool night air.

Staying close to you, the two of you headed towards the closest parked car as he pressed a button on his key fob. The lights on his car blinked happily as he took a few larger strides in order to open the door for you, interior lights faded on as you rounded him and the opened door.

“Thank you” Slipping into the passenger seat, he watched you before closing your door. Rounding the vehicle, he opened the driver’s door, slipped into the leather seat then closed the door once he was fully inside.

Pressing the button to start his car, he turned down the volume of his music as he pushed a few buttons before he found some music that the two of you could enjoy.

“Where to first?” You questioned while clicking your seat belt into place.

“You’re going to have to guess” Changmin placed his hand on the stick shift. Shifting the car into drive, he slowly pulled out into traffic and began heading towards the first destination that he had planned.

“Hrmmm” You hummed, your fingers playing with one another as you wondered what could be going on in the town tonight. Seeing the lights of the trees lining the streets dancing across the shine of the silver paint job. “Are we going to dinner?”

“I wasn’t planning on it” He looked over at you as the two of you slowed down to a stop.

“What else could you be planning?” You tapped your slightly shimmering lips with your fingertip as you slowly began to scan your surroundings wondering what he had planned.

Hearing your soft question, he glanced over at you, catching your timeless beauty before he saw the red light across your skin turn green from the traffic light. Driving a few more minutes, r attention turned to the common song playing on the radio, letting your thoughts slowly ebb and flow with the song before Changmin guided his car into an empty parking space.

“Here we are” Changmin sung as he shifted the car into park and then pressed the button to turn off the purring engine.

Unbuckling himself, you followed suit as the two of you opened your doors and stepped out into the cool air. Slowly scanning the new surroundings, you saw lights cascading across the trees and either side of the sidewalk.

“What are we doing here?” You questioned, closing the door behind you as you began to round the hood of the car to meet him on the sidewalk in front of his car.

“Have you ever been to the Lights in the Park before?” He questioned, his hands slipping into his pockets as his beautiful brown eyes moved over your flawless facial features.

“I haven’t” Shaking your head lightly from side to side, your eyes trailed back over to meet his.

“There is a first time for everything” Changmin smiled sweetly at you, “Shall we?”

“We shall” You giggled as he let you walk first, stepping through the arched arbor entry to the lighted park.

Stepping up beside you, the two of you began to slowly wander through the park, seeing the lights beautifully strung throughout the trees, fences, around the ponds and gardens. Chatting between the two of you naturally moved from subject to subject as laughter began to fill the conversation, smiles formed on each pair of lips while the two of you began to move closer and closer to one another.

Changmin pulled his warm hands out of his jacket pockets to feel his warm skin brush against your cooled hands. Watching you as you told of your fondest childhood memory, he brushed the backs of his fingers across your hand as you slowly turned your head over, your eyes met with his as your feet slowly slowed to a stop.

The brown orbs calmed your racing heart, your nerves from a first date were slowly fading as throughout the evening you kept getting the impression that you had known him for more than just a date.

“I have somewhere I want to show you” He smiled as he gathered up his courage as he slowly slipped his hand into yours, holding your hand with a sweet firm hold on your hand, you smiled and gently held his hand a little tighter.

Giving him consent to lead the way with the gentle touch of your hand, he lead you down one of the only unlighted pathways. Passing by the lights hanging overhead in the trees, slowly walking into the darkness of the night, you noticed a darker shadow that you two were approaching. Stepping up onto a wood platform like structure, he took a step or two before he stopped and turned towards you.

“Wait right here okay?” Changmin softly requested as he stepped slightly closer to you just to read the emotions coating your eyes.

“Okay” You nodded gently as your eyes adjusted to the dark atmosphere. The grip of his hand on yours weakened as his fingers slipped from yours.

Hearing the slightly heavy footsteps exit the way that you came onto the wood platform, you looked around as you waited for a few minutes. With each passing minute, thoughts of doubt began to infiltrate your mind.

Did I just get ditched?He probably didn’t like me, how I look… or something I said…

Taking in a deep breath, you began to turn around to step off of the platform before lights flickered on overhead. Highlighting a gazebo that surrounded you, the crystal like white lights shined over the worn, weather stressed wood.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to take so long… it is just hard to find the outlet in the dark and I didn’t want to give it away” Changmin rubbed the back of his neck nervously as he carefully walked around the railing of the gazebo. His hand slowly slid across the rough wood as you stood in awe at the beautiful structure around you;

Each string of lights was carefully wrapped around each structural beam of the gazebo as the soft glow of the lights highlighted Changmin’s figure as he stepped into the gazebo with you. Pausing a moment, he pressed a button on his phone as music began to gradually play.

“There are two beautiful things here tonight and I can say that you, by far, are the most breathtaking.” Changmin’s warm eyes met yours.

Slowly approaching you, he lifted his hand up and held it between the two of you.

“May I have the privilege to dance with the most beautiful woman, I have ever met before?” Changmin’s words stung your heart with shock. Not knowing that someone would ever think of you in that way, nor could such a gentleman and flawless man think that of you.

“You may” You lifted up your hand and gently slipped your hand into his, his fingers wrapped around yours as he twirled you around once before his hand slid along your side before you faced him once more.

The slow song continued to play as you couldn’t help but look up into his gorgeous brown eyes while your heart was already busy being caught off guard. Swaying with him in the softly lighted structure, the small lights caught in his brown orbs. Not being able to bring yourself away from the look in his eyes, butterflies slowly grew in your stomach as you followed each and every move he guided you through.

Changmin’s flawless smile couldn’t keep off of his lips while he worked you across the wood floor of the gazebo. Hearing the slow song slow to a stop, his dancing slowed to a sway as his hands were gently resting on your hips and your arms were resting over his shoulders, playing with the collar of his shirt and sometimes the strands of his hair.

Closing the distance between the two of you, his head gently rested against yours, with your eyes looking into his and his into yours, you two slowly swayed side to side.

Slowly running his tongue over his lips, he kept his eyes glued to yours, “Do you have any questions for me tonight?”

You blinked your eyes a few times, waking yourself back up to reality as a question had been fumbling over your mind the past few songs that you had danced to with him.

“H-How’d you know I had a question to ask you?” You questioned him back as a smirk pulled one side of his lips higher than the other.

“Just the look in your eyes” He replied, taking in every little detail about you.

“Well… I do have one for you…” You brought your bottom lip between your teeth as you gently bit down, debating if you should make a question up or if you should really tell him the question that has been on your mind.

“Ask away” Changmin gently rubbed your lower back reassuring you that it is okay to tell him anything that was on your mind.

Lifting your eyes to his, you let your eyes linger on his for a second or two as he gave you a kind and gentle touch while allowing you all the time in the world to tell him.

“This might be a stupid question to ask…” You began, your eyes dropping down from his.

“No questions is stupid, as long as you learn the answer” Changmin reassured you while he would never know how fast your heart was beating within that moment.

“Okay…” You paused gaining your courage to speak the question that was on your mind, “D-Do.. Do you want to… see me again after tonight?” Your eyes stayed lowered from his as you felt one hand pull away from your side.

A gentle touch of his hand lifted your chin so your eyes met with his.

“Who wouldn’t want to see you again after a night like tonight?” Changmin replied to your question with a question.

“I mean… I’m not like your type of girl… “ You began to state your reasoning as his eyes softened while his head gently tilted to one side as he listened to your reasons.

“Who ever said I wanted a normal girl. I want someone to love me for me, someone I look forward to seeing, someone I can have fun with and be nobody but myself with.” Changmin explained.

“S-So you don’t mind my dark skin and small stature?” You quizzed, knowing that those two points are mostly the ones that don’t appeal to guys.

“How could no one like a beautiful woman like yourself? I love how small you are, it makes me feel like I can protect you but also that you could have this secret power to overthrow me if needed.” Changmin laughed wholeheartedly just imagining you taking him down with your superpowers, “Your dark skin is nothing less of flawless, absolutely breathtaking and something that I love about you.”

The words that spilled from his lips were nothing less than a beautiful gift that no one else had given to you before. Causing you to fall speechless, your eyes watched truth coat his eyes as your heart stopped at the monumental moment.

“To answer your question… I would want to see you again” Changmin whispered sweetly to you, “Again and again”

Leaning forward, he gently pressed a chaste, honest kiss on your forehead. Feeling his warmth beckon you, you wrapped your arms around his torso and allowed your arms around him. Stepping slightly towards him, his hands slowly slid up your back as the two of you pulled one another into a hug.

“Would you like to see me again after tonight?” Changmin questioned, his words brushing through your hair with his warm skin.

“That isn’t even a question” You smiled into his warm embrace.

“Absolutely.” You whispered softly against his broad shoulders, feeling his arms tighten around you, you couldn’t help but send a silent wish across the sea of stars overhead that night. A wish that the two of you wouldn’t forget this night for the rest of your days.

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