Hau`oli la hanau BB

ok so since it still the 31st in my time zone i get to still post this for an amazing person i can call a friend or as we say here in Hawai'i my hanai sister. we may not have ever met in person. but i know we would click like how we did over in chat. i am glad i have found a great friend in u. u a strong woman who can over come a lot. u make me proud to be ur friend. ok done wit the feels. on to spamming u. u may have these bit oh well enjoy it bye bye love u

ok for real tho now its bye bye love u if u still alive@bbxgd

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Aloha. im from Hawaii. i love kpop. and anime! also love sports. family means a lot to me so do my friends. love meet people from all over the world.
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