I Got You Babe (a Wonho oneshot)

Hello fellow Vinglers! Here is a oneshot starring Wonho of Monsta X. Enjoy!



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I Got You Babe (a Wonho oneshot) You were at a Monsta X concert staring at your bias, Wonho, the entire time. Once the concert was over, you left the concert venue and you constantly refreshed his SNS account to see where he went. You found him at a bar so you went to that bar and you had a few drinks of your favorite cider as you searched for him and once you found him, you resumed staring at him. You then got tired of standing so you went back to the bar and took a seat but your eyes were still on him. If ever he stared at you, you stared into the distance behind him or you turned your head 90 degrees. You then resumed staring at him when he wasn't looking until he finished his drink, slammed it down on the table, and walked in your direction. You then finished your drink, tipped the bar tender, and walked out. You were walking to your car until Wonho pulled your wrist, with one hand, and grabbed your waist with the other as he took your lips into his mouth. You gladly sucked his teeth as you stroked his hair with your free hand and held him by the neck. You both broke the kiss, let go, as you walked quickly to your car as he was right behind you. Once you got to your car, you unlocked the doors, climbed into the back of the car, shut the door, locked it, and you laid down as he took you inside of him. You began to feel uncomfortable so you climbed to the front of the car as you started it and drove home. Once you parked your car, you got out, let your bias out, locked the car, and went to your apartment. He was hardening the whole time so when you finally got to your room, he pinned your wrists against the door, locked it, and kissed you hard like he owned you. He moved his hands on your sides as your arms fell on his shoulders and you kissed back eagerly. He took you to your bed as he laid you down slowly as you backed up towards the wall but he caught you as he pulled you down underneath him as he kissed you and rolled his body on yours, rubbing his crotch on your buns and rubbed his hands on your sides. Both of you were clothed as you slid your hands up his shirt wanting to touch him. He threw his shirt off and kissed you again as you flipped him over and rubbed yourself on his hard rod as he grabbed your shirt and pulled it off. He unhooked your bra as he threw it down as your boobs were right in front of his eyes as he seized them in his hands, squeezing them, rubbing his thumbs on the nips. You teased him lightly as your hands slid down his torso off to the sides as you pulled the covers over the both of you. You placed your hands on his neck as you kissed him and rubbed your body on him as he groped your butt and undid your pants as you undid his pants as you both pushed them off and you rubbed your buns on his hard rod very quickly as he groped you again. Feeling you heat up around him as your rubs increased in speed. He felt your juices leak all over your panties as his hands brushed your hips, taking them in his hands as you push them towards the foot of the bed. You continued to rub your inner labia on his rod until you decided to take it inside of you so you slowly adjusted your hole on the tip of his head until his head was slowly sliding inside. Then you push yourself on his crotch until his rod was completely inside your hole. You then moved yourself on top of him adjusting yourself with his rod inside of your hole as you banged yourself on his pelvic bone rhythmically. Your bangs sped up gradually but quickly as you banged him at a rapid speed similar to a laundry machine. You kept doing this until your head was spinning and you developed a headache which made you stop as you fell on top of him and rested your head on his shoulder. He kissed your head as you both drifted off to sleep.

I hope you all liked it! If you want more fro me, please comment an idol below!

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