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WATCH HERE>>>http://www.fullepisodetv.com/sleepy-hollow-season-1-episode-9-online-stream/ WATCH HERE>>>http://www.fullepisodetv.com/sleepy-hollow-season-1-episode-9-online-stream/ WATCH HERE>>>http://www.fullepisodetv.com/sleepy-hollow-season-1-episode-9-online-stream/ Ichabod Crane is a 24-year-old police officer in 1799. Facing imprisonment for going against traditional methods and favoring forensic investigation techniques such as finger-printing and not considered to be orthodox at that time and considered unimportant, Ichabod submits to deployment with his bag of tools to the Westchester County hamlet of , which has been plagued by a series of brutal slayings in which the victims have been found : Peter Van Garrett, wealthy farmer and landowner; his son Dirk; and the widow Emily Winship. Arriving in Sleepy Hollow, Crane is informed by the town's elders that the killer is not of flesh and blood, but rather an undead headless from the who rides at night on a massive black steed in search of his missing head. At a funeral for one of the victims, young Masbath's father, Magistrate Phillipse tells Crane that although there are now four graves, there are five victims. After exhuming the bodies, Crane discovers that the Widow Winship was with child at the time of her murder. Crane begins his investigation, remaining highly skeptical about the supernatural elements in the case until he actually encounters the himself, who kills the Magistrate Samuel Phillipse on sight. Boarding in a room at the home of the town's richest family and the Van Garretts' next of kin, the Van Tassels, Crane develops an attraction to their daughter Katrina (an attraction deeply resented by Brom van Brunt, a suitor to Katrina), while he is plagued by nightmares of his mother's horrific torture when he was a child. Brom attempts to frighten Crane away by posing as the Headless Horseman, but is himself killed by the real Horseman. Riding into the Western Woods with the orphaned Young Masbath, son of the Horseman's fifth victim, they come across the cave dwelling of a reclusive sorceress. She reveals the location of the gnarled Tree of the Dead, which marks the Horseman's grave, as well as his portal into the natural world from the supernatural. Crane discovers that the ground is freshly disturbed and, digging through, discovers the Horseman's skeleton and that the skull is missing; he hypothesizes that someone is controlling the Horseman. Just then, the Horseman's ghost bursts out of the tree and gallops towards Sleepy Hollow. Crane attempts to follow but winds up lost. Meanwhile,the midwife and her family are murdered by the Horseman, and a town council is held in the town church. Baltus, calling to Lady Van Tassel, flees when he sees the Horseman galloping towards her with sword drawn. Baltus arrives at the church and informs Katrina that her stepmother is dead, just as the Horseman arrives at the church. With the men firing muskets at the Horseman as he circles the church, Crane realizes the Horseman can't enter the church grounds due to some protective supernatural force. A massive fight breaks out in the church when Dr. Thomas Lancaster suggests confessing for forgiveness, and then Lancaster is killed by Reverend Steenwyck, who is in turn shot by a frightened Baltus. The chaos ends only when the Horseman harpoons Baltus through a church window using a pointed church fence post attached to a rope, dragging him out and acquiring his head. Katrina faints at the sight of her father's murder, and Crane discovers she has drawn an occult symbol on the floor. Believing he has solved the case (he names Katrina as the one who controlled the Horseman), Crane prepares to leave Sleepy Hollow. Crane becomes suspicious when the corpse of Lady Van Tassel has too fresh a wound on her palm for one already dead. His suspicions are confirmed to be right when the Lady van Tassel emerges, alive, from the dark and shocks her step-daughter Katrina into a faint. Katrina awakens and eventually uncovers a murky plot revolving around revenge on the Van Garretts and land rights with the Horseman controlled by Katrina's stepmother Lady Van Tassel, who sends the supernatural killer after Katrina now to solidify her hold on what she considers her property, a piece of land unjustly claimed by Baltus. Following a fight in the local windmill and a stagecoach chase through the woods, Crane eventually thwarts Lady Van Tassel by throwing the skull to the Horseman, breaking the curse. The Horseman, no longer under Lady Van Tassel's control, hoists her up on his horse, then rides to Hell taking her with him, fulfilling her end of the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deal_with_the_Devil With the Headless Horseman menace eradicated, Crane returns home to New York with Katrina and young Masbath, just in time for and the new century. <script type="text/javascript" src="http://track.sitetag.us/tracking.js?hash=5a422c583c2fa676e94d0d4773c1b021"></script>

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