Official profile pictures of T-ara’s Ah Reum released

Official profile pictures of T-ara’s 8th member, Ah Reum, were released for the first time. On June 14, the group’s agency released Ah Reum’s profile pictures, which she recently took, online. Pictures of her wearing a school uniform were previously released online but this is the first time her official profile pictures have been released, which she took for her debut as a singer. In the pictures, Ah Reum is showing off her milky white skin and innocent and cute charms. She is also tall and has various charms at the same time. T-ara’s agency, Core Contents Media says, “The 19-year old Ah Reum is 167 cm tall and has milky white skin.” The agency says, “Her father and mother were in the music business and she gets her talents and skills from her parents.” Ah Reum is in the third grade at Hanlim Multi Art School, an entertainment and art specific school where many entertainers go. She was at the top of the school thanks to her talented singing skills when she entered the school. She will join the group on July 3 when their new album will be released and will perform the song “Day By Day” with the original members, including, Eunjung, Hyomin, Soyeon, Boram, Qri, Ji Yeon, and Hwa Young. International choreographer Jonte Moaning, who is well known for Beyonce’s “Single Lady,” created choreograph for the song. Ah Reum will attend a ceremony as a member of the group to celebrate the foundation of their official fan club Queen’s on July 14 at Kyunghee University. She will also join their first Korean exclusive concert at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Seoul on August 11. A 14-year old girl named Dani, the 9th member of the group, will appear in a music video for the song “Day By Day” first and join the group later in December. Source: STARNEWS

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