Talking Body Chapter 17 (+18)

Coming back from meeting with Jungkook’s parents, Ji Su went straight to work with Fashion week just hours away. The drive home Ji Su couldn’t get enough of how she had a great time. Jungkook was high on life loving that things went better than he thought. When they were about to leave, his mother pulled him aside telling him that Ji Su was a keeper. Jungkook couldn’t agree more with what he mother said. Jungkook, along with the others, were standing in the living room being poked and stabbed with needles.

Ji Su was doing the final touches that needed to be done. All the boys were pleased with Ji Su made for them. They were even more pleased seeing the label that she made for them.

Bangtan Boys,

Sighing relief the whole group went and put Ji Su’s things backstage. Ji Su mingled with the other designers wishing them luck. This week was where the big investors come in and if they see what they liked you have a chance to make it bigger with their help. After saying hello and wishing them luck, Ji Su and the others went and sat down in the showcase room. Ji Su was nervous that someone would so up. She didn’t want to think about it and took Jungkook’s hand in hers. He looked at her giving her a questioning look. She replied to him with a kiss to say not to worry.

A small thought crossed Ji Su’s mind thinking that Jae would be there. He had been quite for about a month now and it was making her nervous. First having someone attack Jungkook and then sending her photos to show that Jungkook was wrong for her. She was also thinking that the one girl, pixy was the name she labeled her with, was part of his plan to tear them apart. Sadly, did Jae know was that her feelings for Jungkook were hell of stronger than they were for him.

“Jungkook, tomorrow how about you and I go out for dinner.” Ji Su suggested while they waited for the show to start.

“Hmm that would be nice and maybe,” Jungkook leaned in and whispered in her right ear. “We could end the night somewhere that is just you and me.” Ji Su blushed covering her face with her hands. He was bringing out a different side of her and he loved it.

“Jungkook, Ji Su needs to concentrate. You can have a way with her later.” Mi Sun said in a stern voice. Both Ji Su and Jungkook held in their giggles.

“Alright noona I will, but I can’t grantee that she'll listen.” Jungkook said only to get slapped by Ji Su.

“Yah! I am not that bad unlike you.” Ji Su crossed her arms and grumbled. “You’re just a horny teenager.” Jungkook heard her and leaned in to kiss her on the cheek.

A pair of eyes was watching the whole scene unfold in front of him. He was pissed and he did not like the idea of seeing her happy with another man. “

Mr. Kwon I’ll show you to your seat.” A young man said to Jae who was in a trance watching the scene a few rows away unfold. Jae was getting to the point that if he couldn’t have her then no one could. Following the young man to his seat, Jae never once took his eyes off her.

In front of his pair of eyes, Ji Su couldn’t help, but feel some one’s eyes on her. Turning around to see who was staring at her, Ji Su locked eyes with Jae. He gave her a smile that sent chills down her spin, and they weren’t the good type of chills. Turning back around in her seat, Ji Su felt sick to her stomach. Jungkook noticed something changed Ji Su’s disposition. He turned around to see who she was looking at and glared at the smudged eyes he locked with.

The whole day went in a blur. Ji Su put on her best fake smile through out the day. Jungkook saw right through her. He didn’t push her knowing what was going on within her mind. Ji Su pushing it away she ignored Jae’s stare as best as she could. Everyone seemed to know something was wrong but without knowing what it was they cheered her up. After the first three showcases that kicked Fashion week off, the gang all went out for drinks and dinner. Ji Su was able to relax and forget how tense she was all day.


The next day everyone was up early ready for the big day. Ji Su had all the boys sitting getting their make up on. Once they were down Ji Su and Mi Sun help the boys get into the suits. The makeup artist was amazed how handsome the boys were.

“Ji Su where did you find these boys? They look like they could make a career out of being models.” Jane, one of the makeup artist, asked Ji Su.

“Well the older one is engaged to Mi Sun and I am dating the youngest one.” Ji Su told her while looking at Yoongi’s suit making sure there was nothing out of place.

“Oh, which one is the youngest?” Jane asked. Ji Su looked at her as if to say don’t even touch my man. Yoongi smirked watching Ji Su giving Jane ‘that look’.

“Ji Su am I done? I would like to take a nap.” Yoongi ask interrupting the girl’s conversion.

“No Yoongi you can’t take a nap. You could out creases in the suit.” Ji Su would let him if it was in a different situation. However, Ji Su wanted everything to be perfect. “Alright then I’ll just go back and sit.” Yoongi pouted while walking back to the makeup chair he was at earlier.

Jungkook come out from changing and looked at Ji Su. He had a problem and needed Ji Su’s help. He walked over to her and excused himself saying he needed Ji Su for something. Walking over to the makeshift changing room, Jungkook pulled her in.

“Babe, I am having issues trying to fasten my pants.” Jungkook seductively whispered in her ear. Giving him a confused look. Ji Su was in her fashion designer mod when she reached down to see want the problem was. She stopped when she felt his bulge causing issues for him.

“You need me to help get rid of it?” Ji Su looked up at him with her hand rubbing him outside the cloth of his boxer briefs.

“If you could.” He said holding back a groan. “What happens if there is a mess?” JI Su reached in and wrapped her hand around his member like a fist. She moved her hand up and down slowly. Jungkook closed his eyes and his member twitched in delight. “I’m sure we can find a creative way to clean it up.” He groaned and bit his lip when she stopped to rubbed the head of his member. She felt him get harder as she switched from pumping up and down on his rod and the stopping to play with his head. Taking her free hand, she explored further. His breathing got harder as he did his best from not moaning in pleasure.

Ji Su’s hand moved at a steady pace and then it quicken to match his breathing. Precum appeared and knew he was close to coming. Just doing this was making her aroused. Ji Su went down on her knees and started sucking him. He started thrusting his hips in her mouth. “Ah-h-h Ji Su…” he thrusted one more time in her mouth squirting his seed into her mouth. Whipping her mouth, Ji Su stood up fixing Jungkook’s pants. He looked at her and kissed her cheek. “Ji Su thank you for your help.” He said right when she was walking out.

Mi Sun looked over and saw a few hairs out of place and then notice Jungkook walking out. Mi Sun shook her head knowing that those two did something intimate and in public. She prayed that Jin would do something like that to her.

Ji Su walked over to fix her hair and then went over to the food table for something to drink. She was a little embarrassed that she did something like that. That was her first time ever pleasuring a man. A smile appeared when she thought that she did it to her man. The backstage manager walked in looking for Ji Su. When he spotted Ji Su he walked over to her.

“Miss. Kim a reported from K-Fashion Magazine wishes to speak with you about your new line.” He told her. Ji Su put her water down and followed him to where the reporter was located. Jungkook watched her leave and he went tense. Mi Sun noticed this and walked over to him. She asked him if he was ok, and his repose was that he was worried since Jae was here.

“What do you mean that he is here? I know that he would be here as an investor so there shouldn’t be anything to worry about.” Mi Sun shared unknown on why he was on edge.

“Noona, he threaten me by having me attacked and then sending pictures to Ji Su to show how dangerous that I could be. He even sent a letter telling me that she was pregnant and got rid of the baby.” Jungkook looked away and sighed in frustration. “He still thinks she belongs to him.”

“That doesn’t make since that he would so that. I mean sure he has the resources to do so. Plus, why would he try and break you two up when he was the one that let her go.” Mi Sun was confused but she was also trying to process what Jungkook was staying.

“He is right Mi Sun.” Yoongi said walking up to them. “That day when I asked you about who Kwon Jae was, I was researching him. You told me that he changed in the past 2 years. I found out why. He got married to help with a business deal. He wanted to marry Ji Su, but when he father told him no, Jae followed his father’s orders. He hated that he had to let Ji Su go, so Jae hide the fact he was married and stayed with Ji Su. Though five months ago when he ended things, his wife became pregnant. That’s when he knew he had to let her go. Though he could he could help but hate the idea of her already move past the break up and onto another man. He hated it so much that he even used one of his mistresses to seduce Jungkook, sending someone to attack Jungkook, and he even went to the extreme to break them up with letters of abortion and photos of Jungkook’s past.” Yoongi said that with a straight face looking at Mi Sun who looked sick to her stomach.

“So, all those times he was gone for a business trip was because of his wife. Now he can’t let Ji Su go even though she is happy.” Mi Sun walked away still shocked with what she learned.

“Hyung you sense it, too don’t you?” Jungkook asked Yoongi. “That he might do something tonight? Yeah, it’s a weird and uneasy feeling. I told the others that they need to keep Ji Su in their sight. I’m sure you’ll do the same.” Yoongi walked away back to his seat looking bored and wanting to sleep.

Jungkook stood there waiting for Ji Su to come back. When she did, her face was glowing. He smiled when she was walked up to him.

“What are you so happy about?” He asked wrapping his arms around her.

“K-Fashion wants to photograph my new line and have it as one of there main articles. After I was done talking with them, a few investors came up to me saying they would like to meet with me about working with them. I haven’t even showcased my work and they already want to partner with me.” She was beaming a smile when she spoke. Jungkook was so proud of her.

“That’s great Miss Cherry Coconut. Before you know it, you’ll have a chain of stores across South Korea.” He told placing his forehead on hers.

“If that happens I want you right there with me Mr. Baby Bunny. They stood there not caring if others saw. It was as if they thought they were the only people in that part of backstage. Soon the backstage manager came back telling everyone to take their places. Jungkook and Ji Su separated as she told the boys what order they were going in. When the music started, Ji Su gave the boys the que when they could enter. ><><><><><

When the show ended everyone was backstage celebrating the success it was. Reporters came back and asked questions. They asked Ji Su where she found the handsome men to model in her new men’s line. She told them that they had a dance studio right a crossed from her store. Since they were close they agreed to help her. After the questions, everyone cleared out and cleaned up what they could before the next showcase could come in and get their things ready. When they walked out to have lunch, Ji Su remembered that she forgot to do something. Jungkook and Yoongi offered to go with her, but she told them that it would only take a minute. The uneasy feeling that was settling was getting stronger.

Ji Su went back to clean up one last thing backstage when she heard the door slam shut and locked. Turning around she saw Jae standing by the door. The back of Ji Su’s mind was saying that something bad was going to happen to her and there was no one in that room to help her. Closing the space between them, Jae had a grin that Ji Su thought that Satan himself was inside Jae. She knew that Jae would be like this, having his emotions control him. However, this was the first time that she would come face to face with it.

Ji Su looked around trying to find an exit that she could escape, but only to realize that her only exit was blocked by the man that she once thought she loved. “Jae, you know that this place is off limits to non-designers. Just because you’re an investor, that’s doesn’t mean you can walk in.” Ji Su said as calmly as she could. Her heart was racing pounding against her rib cage. Last time she felt scared like this was when her uncle came into her room that fateful night. “Baby you know that I don’t care. You had that toy of yours back here and having him fuck your brains out.” Jae said with anger laced within his voice. Ji Su’s blood boiled with him calling Jungkook ‘her toy’. “Jae, you do remember that you ended things with me five months ago. You told me that you found someone else that was more suited along with not loving me anymore.” Her back hit the wall as he was come closer to her.

“You know that’s not true. I was just saying that so I could figure things out. I still love you and I want you back. You had your fun and so have I. Now let’s go back to where we left off, starting over.” Jae placed one hand of her waist and the other cupping her left cheek. Her skin was crawling with disgust as he touched her.

“No Jae you don’t love me. You think you do but you don’t. I realized that to after we broke things apart. We only loved that image of being a couple because it made things easier. I have someone else that I truly love.” Ji Su stated. Jae’s right hand slid down from her cheek to her neck. His hand circled around her neck. Ji Su stopped breathing afraid that he would end her life with the snap of her neck. The one hand that was on her hip, lifted her shirt and went inside her waist line.

“You don’t mean that baby girl. You love me more than that little toy. He is just a kid and I can’t believe that you would stoop so low by robbing the crib.”

“Your right, I should have just left him be and waited for you. I’m sorry that I didn’t.” Ji Su was holding in all the anger that was building up. She knew damn well that whatever Jae was saying wasn’t going to work. However, using reverse psychology on his ass might let her go free or hit him where it hurts.

“I knew you would see it my way.” He leaned down and clashing his lips on hers. Ji Su was doing her best to resist him. “Don’t you want me?” He asked moving down her jaw onto her neck.

“I do, but not here where someone could come in.” Ji Su’s voice quivered a little.

“But I locked the door so no one could walk in on us.”

“Did you forget that they have to use of keys?” Ji Su questioned and soon realized it was a big mistake. Jae stared at her as if he was sending fire down to her soul. His hands wrapped around her neck once more. Ji Su tried her best to remove his hands as he was closing her airway. Scratching, paring, and removing his hands was doing nothing as her vision grew blurry.

“Are telling me that I am dumb and didn’t think of that? You are such a dumb bitch and here I thought you were willing to give us a chance. I guess you rather just die then be with me. I guess you get you wish you whore.” His voice was full of venom as he spoke. There was something wrong within that head of his and Ji Su knew that her life was going to end by the hands of that evil man.

She could feel that her body was going limp, and her vision would soon disappear. Jae let go of her when her eyes closed and she stopped breathing. Ji Su’s lifeless body fell like a breakable porcelain doll onto the floor.

Jae walked out the door thinking she was dead.

Jungkook was walking toward the backstage trying to figure out what was taking Ji Su so long. He was still having unsettling feelings but he stayed positive. Smiling to himself as he was thinking about what they did before the showcase started. He told her right after it was just going to be her and him with no one around.

Hearing a door open and close, breaking him from his thoughts, Jungkook looked up thinking it was Ji Su walking out. His blood ran cold when he saw Jae walked out from where Ji Su was at. Running as fast as he could he throw the door open spotting Ji Su’s motionless body on the floor.

“No, no, no. Come on baby stay with me please.” Jungkook said rushing over to her to check her pulse. He wasn’t getting any pulse. He turned her on her back and started CPR. In the process, he grabbed his phone to call 911. While doing CPR he told the police what happened and that they needed to hurry.

Jungkook was not going to lose someone this important to him. He was not going to lose the love of his life. His vision grew blurry as tears ran down his face. He was crying and calling out Ji Su’s name. A pair of hands grabbed him and pulled him away. Jungkook’s self-defense kicked in as he was trying to stay with Ji Su.

Jin, Jimin, and Yoongi held him back when the medics carried Ji Su away. “

Don’t leave me Ji Su, you can’t. Don’t die and leave me.” Jungkook sobbed. The boys held onto Jungkook as he cried and sobbed. They prayed that Ji Su would pull through and come back. They didn’t know what would happen to Jungkook if things turned for worse.


Please don’t hate me. Just stay positive and look forward for the next chapter. Choijiah^^

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