Fanfiction: Serendipity.. Pure Love (+19)

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It has been a while since I got out the mental residential center. I can remember it like yesterday about a year ago when life was a huge cloud following me or like a huge body of water engulfing me. Then I realized once I got to this place of restless souls I tried cutting that despair out of me...physically speaking. Long story short my therapist at the time told me I tried killing myself. I would have died if Hobi didn't rush me to the hospital.


3 weeks in it was like forever and I felt so out of place. When this ray of light hit me. No it was not Hobi but a female. She was like a bronzed goddess in disguise. I knew right then and there she was so much more than she knew. We hit it off and were close friends. She too was in for attempting to end her dark nights filled with eating disorders. Finally the day came where we both completed our interventions and went back into the cold world.

I wondered about her for about a month. She slipped me her phone number but the phine was out of service.

Is she okay? Did she go back to that asshole boyfriend?Is she okay? Did she go back to that asshole boyfriend?

Finally one day as I walked home I seen a female figure standing at the end of the bridge looking down at the muddy water. I stopped and realized it was her. Standing there so bright as when I first meet her.

"Y/N what are you doing?!"

"Jimin is that you?" She said.

She jumped down and ran to me. She wrapped her arms around me. I felt my soul jump in excitement.

"Ah long time no see. But what were u doing?"

"Ah they say I'm cured...I wanted to test that." She smiled and kissed my cheek.

I brought her back to my small apartment. We talked about random things. That one day turned into a month. I loved coming home seeing her waiting for me. She would always cook good food, but her portion ended up in the toliet after she ate.

"Why do you do that?" I asked after she threw up and cuddled besides me in bed.

"Do what Jimin pooh?"

"Don't act like that y/n..."

"Look I'm fat and I don't deserve food. I told you this a million times. Food are for skinny or fit ppl."

"You are beautiful I told you that a million times. You are strong, smart, loving..."

"That doesn't make me any thinner Jimin."

I rolled over to take my meds that prevent nightmares. She watched me carefully. She looked so perfect with her bed hair and chubby face. Her lips that always taunted me.

I pulled her closer to me. Then I softly kissed her lips. She was shocked but didn't fight me. I explored her mouth. It tasted like Crest since she just brushed her teeth. I pulled up her oversized blush sweater and she smacked my hands away.

"Jimin I'm too fa..."

I kissed her lips before she could call herself anything but beautiful. She pulled me out of my shirt and I felt her hand on my tip as I kissed her deeply. I moaned in her mouth as she gripped my tip causing droplets to form. I licked my fingers and I slipped my hand through her shorts and found her nub. I began rubbing it softly causing her to gasp. She was so moist. I pulled at her shorts and began kissing her thick soft but firm.

I dove in and began sucking on her nub and plunging my fingers deep inside her. She moaned loudly and wildly ran her fingers through my hair. She tasted so good. I replaced my fingers with my mouth and explored her full breasts with my hands. I was happy she didn't protest.

I stopped before she could come and looked her dead in those beautiful eyes. "Let me love you."

She blushed and pulled down my boxers. I softly pushed opened her legs and entered her. Her tightness caused me to moan. As I pushed through it it felt like we were a perfect fit. She moaned as I picked up pace and kissed all over her neck. Sucking on her sweet spots.

The bed moved as we rocked. She calling my name in perfect pitch. I pushed her legs back and moved deeper into her. The sounds reminded me of waves crashing. I felt like I was bring sucked into another realm...universe. The sexy faces she made pound her harder.

"You are so sexy baby." I moaned.

She blushed and pulled me into a kiss. I could feel her tighten up around me. I made long deep strokes as she exploded. Her eruption causing me to blast deep inside her universe.


"I love you." I said without hesitation.


"I can teach you." I kissed her and sang to her as we difted to sleep.

The next morning was cold. I rolled over and she was gone. Her shoes and all her items were gone. I felt the world crashing right before me. My ray was gone. I called her and texted her but no response.

I was thankful Namjoon came by to help me not repeat old habits. We stayed up all night making beats and lyrics. He is a music genius. The next day I still did not hear from her. I wanted to die.


Namjoon insisted that I go with him to open music night at the local downtown art cafe. I went because I did not feel safe alone. Namjoon sighed me up and I felt knots in my stomach. Finally I got up to the mic.

"Hey I'm Jimin. My bro Namjoon and I made a song. Well he produced it...anyhow it is about a girl that I love so much."

Listen to this while imagining you are the girl in this art cafe listening

I imagined that night when we made love and all the feelings I felt. I knew she felt it too. Before I knew it people were clapping and cheering. However, it meant nothing without her.


I walked out in the night rain to get some fresh air. She loved the rain and the memories of us cuddling watching the rain made me smile. That is when I felt a familiar touch surround me.

"I want to let you love me....I loved the song Jimin."

I turned around to see tears in her eyes. I brushed away her tears. Then I kissed her.

"Don't think about it. Just give me permission..."

"I permit you.""I permit you."


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