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Anon 1d Idk if you know besides anemia jackson also has hyperthyroidism. He even mentioned it in a vlive with bambam for JTBC program taste of others. I couldn't find the complete video but here is the snippet of that vlive. In the original video, jackson mentioned it towards the end when bambam pointed out his habbit of hiccuping. I think this also was the reason Jackson went MIA in 2016 after japan tour. If u notice Jackson always sweats a bucket even after just one dance routine. If u look closely, u'll notice he often hiccuping, it's even more noticeable when he's tired. He also mentioned in Go Fridge that his throat hurts and swell.  Jackson always joking that he has heart condition, people with hypertyroidism has irregular heartbeat. He also often seems moody and easily irritated, it also symptoms of hypertyroidism. Not to mention his sudden weight loss i 2016. I have massive respect for him, despite his condition he was able to carry his responsibility amazingly and not once complain about it. Now that he drop japan activities, i feel relieved finally he can take some rest. Fans that hate him for this decision actually wish him dead. Severe hypertiroidism could lead to serious heart conditions.

Vlive video with Bam when he mentioned about his Hyperthirodism



it was retweeted by@legendson where I found it.

it's actually sad how some of us couldn't put this together ..I really hope he feels better and do something about the Anemia.. because the Hyperthyroidism I don't think there is anything he can do about it but take his medications for it.


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