Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum Dating (English Subtitles)

It has been confirmed by both companies that Moon Geun Young and her co-star Kim Bum from the recently completed drama, Goddess of Fire Jung, are dating. Kim Bum has said previously that his ideal is someone older who he wants to protect... Someone who he can talk well with, and a person who gives him the desire to protect her. 김범 과거 이상형 발언을 보면 "연상인데 지켜주고 싶은 여자... 말이 잘 통하고 내가 지켜주고 싶은 느낌을 들게 만드는 사람이 이상형이다." (source: Please take good care of our Geun Young. Please don't let her get hurt. She is extremely precious to all of us. Geun Young, your happiness and health is all that matters to us. Please be happy. We'll always be here for you and supporting you. Wishing you all the best. Due to YouTube's strong copyright, the full translated video with English subtitles can be watched here:

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