Topp Dogg 30 Days Challenge

Day 1

Your 1st TD Bias & Why?

Day 2

Your current TD Bias & Why?

Day 3

Your favorite TD song & Why?

Day 4

Your favorite 'Open the Door' Performance

Day 1- Your 1st TD Bias and Why?

B-joo was my first TD bias. He was the first member that caught my eye. I was blown away by his talents for singing and dancing.

Day 2- Your current TD Bias and Why?

B-joo is my current TD bias. He will be forever my TD bias. I love and admire how he stays true to TD and Topp Klass.

Day 3- Your favorite TD song and Why?

My favorite TD song is 'The Beat', because it was one of the first TD song I heard. Its the song that help me get hook into TD.

Day 4- Your favorite 'Open the Door' Performance

My favorite 'Open the Door' performance was their live KBS performance.

I'm all caught up now! Its not too late to join in the fun. We hope you join us.


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