Namjoon Jams Birthday week: Scenario Game plus fanfiction. Freak em dress (+19)

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Yeah I know Namjoon has been busy with all the BTS come back events. I know he first love is music but music letting him smash or naw? It has been so long since I've had an actual conversation with my baby let alone held him. I've been so deprived I spray my shirts at night with his cologne. Last night I texted him and asked him what were we doing. He said it would be each other soon. He said that shit before and it got my panties in a bunch but I felt stupid when he cancelled due to unfinished tracks.

But the video phone sex made up for it. I remember watching him stroke himself HD as he sniffed my panties that he keeps with him. We both came on camera at the same time at least twice that night.

I was on the dance team but got replaved cuz I was supposedly a distraction for Namjoon. I was given this boring ass office job. They replaced me with some watered down version of me. But latley I feel he has been taking me for granted. I've been trying to be understanding.

Well this time was the last after I heard that he was in town partying and going to local cafes and shit but never stopped by to tell me hello. I'm his freaking girlfriend! Tae was with him and Tae was sending me pics of what they were during. Hobi sent me a text stating that Namjoon had been spending time with one of the female dancers that replaced me and they guys were concerned.

I spoke to my girl Jasmine who is Jimin's girlfriend. She suggested that I remind Namjoon who is boss and what he would loose by looking sexy one time. There was an underground event happening and it was a must to be sexy there. She was shocked that Namjoon did not invite me. This was a club that played bomb music x had real live music too. This night would be lit since they were honouring him since his birthday was that weekend.

I told her I had to think about it since I'm not used to wearing posh ish like her. She always dressing sexy for Jimin. Sometimes I wish Namjoon x I was like her and Jimin. I texted Namjoon and I was blunt asf.

Me: Hey you fucking some other bitch Kim Namjoon?Me: Hey you fucking some other bitch Kim Namjoon?

NM: Baby well hello to you too.NM: Baby well hello to you too.

Me: Are you?! Me: Are you?!

NM: No I'm not baby. What is up your ass?NM: No I'm not baby. What is up your ass?

Me: It won't be you anymore if I find out youMe: It won't be you anymore if I find out youfucking that flat ass Yumi bitch. fucking that flat ass Yumi bitch.

NM: Whoa whoa we just friends baby. NM: Whoa whoa we just friends baby.

Me: You lie. You never even told me you communicated with her.Me: You lie. You never even told me you communicated with her.

NM: Ah baby chill.NM: Ah baby chill.

After seeing him telling me to chill I went nuts. I called Jasmine and asked her to help me pick out something.

SSG Portion: What are you wearing?




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