7 Songs That Made Groups into STARS


Sometimes one song is all it takes.

1. EXID - Up & Down

This song actually came out in the month of August but it wasnt until a fancam of Hani went viral that this song took off. The group actually had stopped promoting but went back to it and won music shows!!! After that, they've been a household name.

2. Girl's Day - Expect

This was Girl's Day's first sexy concept. Pair that with the news the Hyeri was dating a first-generation Kpop star and BOOM. Stars overnight.

3. AOA - Like A Cat

AOA had dropped their 'rocker chic' image and moved to a sexy one with more members. This was the song that got a ton of attention. They followed up with Heart Attack and their stardom was set in stone.

4. Infinite - Be Mine

Infinite's previous songs had been recieved well, but this song blasted them to stardom. They won their frst music shows, had their own reality tv show, and became one of the top boy groups thanks to their insane choreography.

5. SNSD - Genie

SNSD was a huge deal from the very first song, no doubt. But they were always in trouble with rumors and anti fans. It wasnt until Genie that they gained the hearts of a lot of people who were on the fence about them. This was when they started to feel love from the whole world!

6. Mamamoo- Um Oh Ah Yeh

Mamamoo's debut was considered one of the best in Kpop that year, but it didn't make them huge. When they had a crossdressing catchy as hell comeback though, they became the nation's sweethearts.

7. Sistar - So Cool

Sistar had seen relative success in the beginning, but it wasn't until the viral hit So Cool that they would become household names. After that, they followed it withi hit after hit after hit. We'll miss them!

Let me know in the comments if you can think of others!

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