Hey guys! I'm sorry for not posting in so long! I've honestly run out of ideas of what to post. And I didn't want to keep using the same themes over and over again. I also don't want to do too many HimDae themes because personally I'm not comfortable with ships. Anyway, enough excuses! Let's get to some mood boards!


Rose Himchan- bulletproofboards

B.A.P Himchan Tatsmato moodboard- k-realm-scenarios


“Don’t fear dying, fear not living.” Kim Himchan Biker AU - everybodykpops

they say we only use a fraction of our brain’s

true potential. now that’s when we’re awake.

when we’re asleep, we can do almost anything…

Inception: Kim Himchan - baebae-goodnight

Beach Day! Kim Himchan moodboard. - memoriesofaneternaldreamer


“I like life on the road. It’s a lot easier than civilian life.” Jung Daehyun Biker AU- everybodykpops

Boyfriend! Jung Daehyun moodboard. - memoriesofaneternaldreamer

⚔ Lucien ⚔ -bapaesthetics

my affections and wishes have not changed, but one word from you will silence me forever. if, however, your feelings have changed, i will have to tell you: you have bewitched me, body and soul…..

Pride and Prejudice: Jung Daehyun - baebae-goodnight

💙 Feels like the Honeymoon 💙 - bapaestheticsundefinedundefined

♡Boyfriend!Daehyun Moodboard♡ - bangbaptan



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