Interactive exo story part 4

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Chapter 4

Just like I wished, kyungsoo made food, he made a stir fry with lots of vegetables and noodles. There was a bunch of side dishes which filled the table an around my kitchen table squished everyone in. The bench seats I had on either side of the table had 3 people each.

“This looks so good” my eyes were glued to the table trying not to be hyper aware of being squished between Baek and Chanyeol. Not to mention all eyes were on me.

“Thanks, I like to cook” kyungsoo blushed.

As the guys started helping themselves Baek started to pile food on my plate, then Chanyeol added a few things to it as well. Before I knew it everyone's plates were filled and there was nothing left in the dishes in the middle of the table, Chanyeol grabbed them and moved them to the kitchen counter to get them out of the way.

“You have to be fast to get food” Chanyeol explained sitting back down next to me.

“I see” I said wide eyed.

I dug into the food and groaned from how good it was, the two next to me shifted than sat still. Throughout the meal the two would fidget as I'd they were uncomfortable. I wondered why.

When the food had run its course and we were all sitting there full, Kai started to talk. “So I'm sure you want to know what's going on” kai said.

“Yup, I'm curious why you all spent the night here” I said.

“Hey, you invited me over “ baekhyun said making me roll my eyes.

“I know you, but your friends” I pointed out. “Well when there was an opening in this building these guys fought over who was going to get it to themselves these dorks raised down here. They got the apartment on reserve and yes one of them is going to move in next week” xiumin explained.

“But! We came to the decision of a contest!” Suho grinned.

“So I was going to ask if you minded if they stayed here do a few days while each of them trys living a day on their own” Baekhyun said. “But you were fast asleep so we crashed in the living room and on the floor” he added.

“Okay, so what? You guys take turns living by yourself? Why not do like a test week each?” I asked.

“We don't want to find a pigsty” kyungsoo said.

“I think it's already done and decided” I sighed.

“No we can change it, make them all live together” he said.


Soooo, now decided,

Make the boys all live together

B. Have the guys take turns living on their own

comment your choice for the next chapter!

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