Pensive new character poster added for Lee Jong-suk and Suzy drama "While You Were Sleeping - 2017"

Both Lee Jong-suk and Suzy look contemplative in the newest character poster for "While You Were Sleeping - 2017". While his character seems to be kind of a goofball and hers has a buoyant spirit, both of them have quieter sides to them as evidenced by this poster.

-Yours, Lisa, who is looking forward to a hogu Lee Jong-suk

"While You Were Sleeping - 2017" (2017)

Directed by Oh Choong-hwan

Written by Park Hye-ryeon

Network : SBS

With Lee Jong-suk, Suzy, Lee Sang-yeob, Park Jin-joo, Jung Hae-in, Kim Min-jae-I,...

32 episodes - Wed, Thu 22:00


"While You Were Sleeping - 2017" is about a woman who's dreams predict people's misfortunes and a prosecutor who wants to stop those predictions from coming true.

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2017/09/27


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