Learn Korean Slang (and more) With My Boyfriend!

I was asked to review an Korean language app and I decided to ask my boyfriend to help me out! Since his native language is Korean, he will help us know for sure whether the Korean we're learning is correct or not (because in my experience, some books have taught me phrases that are either really old or just not used ever)

Here's what we talk about:

1. How to say 'you're welcome' in Korean



In this section my boyfriend and I talk about 3 of the most popular slang terms right now but we could probably make a million videos and never cover all the slang! Korean is a language that is constantly changing and slang is definitely the fastest moving of them all.




힘들다 vs 어렵다

Korean has a lot of words that are more specific than words in English. For example the word for 'hot' as in weather is totally different from the word for 'hot' as in temperature of food/drink. It's pretty hard for foreigners at first, so we take a stab at explaining one of the verbs I had a lot of trouble with in the beginning.

We hope this is helpful!

If you have any questions, let me know below~ :)

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