Hello people, I am back but only temporary. I am have been struggling in life and I need help. I am selling all my manga books if anyone is interested in buying, message me. If anyone from Vingle buys, in one of the books, there will be a BTS photo card.

You will

get one of these free in the order.


ll by all volumes

have, don't really sell one by itself. If in the volume is more then 5,

will pay shipping, if 5 or less shipping will be added to price.

Wild ones volume 1-5 ( 1 photo card)

The gentlemen's

volume 1-11 (one photo card) free


1-3 ( one photo

). All books are in great conditions, almost like new,

will not sell any damaged books. If you know anyone would is

in buy let them know, i really

to sell and get

of them all. A lot has been happening, my family is struggling. Thank you! Hope

is having a

day. K-MonstaSquad:@BBxGD@lilbr0wneyes@MYAlpha@Yugykookie97 @DefSoul1994 @BangtanGirlOT12 If you would like to be tagged/ untagged from my future cards let me know :) TAG: @HeichousRegalia@IsoldaPazo@SerenityThao@Tania538@amandamuska@NydiaEdwards@luna1171@JeniseRamos@tiffany1922@MichelleIbarra@russelroche47@dchapple45@QueenPandaBunny@Jessicalista@MichelleRosa@BetseyBleau@DanaAmoi@Jaysbae13@elainarenea@BridgetJara@faith92@Chocolat09@kimnam94@LizzyRubyCiss@KristinaCaron@TaraJenner@Eliortiz13@LiyahBoon@MaritessSison@BrennaHarding@LinaZhang@Maribelita@SunnaWalo@Orihemay@JaxomB@VKookie47@Animezkpopgirl@MissT615@EWillsea@raenel@Anna5221@Momina427@EmilyCayetano@amethystiperez@camwheel@Anna5221@Mavis2478@KarenGuerra93@LeANaAudinE@AlenaSegura@MelissaGarza@TaraJenner@adritha13@AmberRelynn@BrennaHarding@SkyBlast@MaelstromVIP@Michelle305@punkpandabear@MariaMontoya1@BiasKpop@AnnieGoodman@MBLAQSA@dreemer13@AngelaDarkness@JazminQuiroz@FromBlue2U@gyapittman@QueenLele@MaelstromVIP@KenyaMendoza@LinnyOk@jademarie4567@matty0203@KassandraSosa@SugaKookieV@SindyHernandez@xoxorittie @yehetmyohorat97@Baekyeol27@awkwardjazzy@BTSxEXO @sukkyongwanser

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