The Heirs Episode 15 Review: Kim Ji Won & Kang Ha Neul Kiss with Two Different Purposes

In The Heirs, episode 15, Yoo Ra Hel(played by Kim Ji Won) and Lee Hyo Shin(played by Kang Ha Neul) had a kiss with two different purposes. As Kim Tan(played by Lee Min Ho) kissed Cha Eun Sang(played by Park Shin Hye) on the forehead in front the classmates, Ra Hel got mad. She said to Tan, “I can give up on you not liking me back, but I don’t think I can see you being happy.” Then she went up to Hyo Shin, who was a close friend of Tan, and kissed him. Ra Hel later said to Hyo Shin, “I kissed you to be awkward with Kim Tan. I don’t have feelings for you.” Just then, Hyo Shin saw Jun Hyun Joo(played by Lim Joo Eun) entering the party looking for him, and quickly kissed Ra Hel. Later, Hyo Shin said to Tan, “The second kiss was unplanned. I just wanted to show off to someone.”

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