Heirs : Episode 16 Recap

Chairman Kim shows ES two airplane tickets. One ticket is for her to leave Tan right now and go where ever she wants. The other ticket will give her 2 weeks to see Tan as much as she wants. But at the end of the 2 weeks, Dad will send her where he wants. And it definitely won’t be anywhere in Korea. It will definitely be different from the U.S. and France. She can pick which ever ticket, but only one ticket will let her go up the stairs to Tan’s room. While grocery shopping, ES’s mom is getting text messages from people she borrowed money from, thanking her for paying them back. Back at the house, ES’s mom asks KA, “Did you give me the severance pay already?” This surprises KA- she doesn’t want ES’s mom to quit yet. She interviewed a few people today, but no one was good enough. KA gets all jealous thinking ES’s mom has already found another lady to serve. Like mother, like son. Ha! It wasn’t KA who paid back ES’s mom’s debts. ES’s mom asks ES now- has she heard anything from the chairman. It seems he is the one that paid their debt off. ES’s mom shows ES the text messages, and ES seethes. ES’s mom becomes worried and asks ES if this has something do with Tan. ES prepares her mom for the difficult thing she has to say. We don’t hear what ES told her mom. Getting new orders, the guards let ES go up the stairs to Tan’s room. Tan is up in his room, listening to the news about him and remembering what Won said to him earlier. He suddenly hears a knock on the door. Tan opens the door and is surprised to see ES. He starts to ask her how she came up here, but ES quiets him. She smiles brightly and asks if she can go inside. Tan quickly pulls her in. ES lies that the guards left their positions for just a moments, and she used the opportunity because she missed him. Tan pulls her into a hug. ES repeats that she missed him a lot, and that is why she came up here. ES apologizes to Tan, saying it seems like it is her fault he is locked up here.Tan explains it is not. He came back to this house to no longer be locked up- “Because the way to be with you is not being locked up together.” Tan continues, “Instead, you have to believe me no matter what choice I make.” He cups her face- “I only have you left now.” Worried, ES asks what is happening to him. Tan replies, “I’m liking you.” Emotions overflowing, ES embraces Tan tightly, and Tan holds her right back. ES cries in his arms. vlcsnap-2013-11-28-23h53m16s156 Won is telling Yoon what Tan said. Yoon asks if Won has no desire to understand Tan. Won explains he has seen the battles before, Yoon explains that is why dad is dividing the share equally. Something something. Won asks if Yoon is considering his offer for the vice president of Jeguk construction yet. Yoon says he will give answer soon. Tan is in his room with security monitors. ES knows this so she makes a sign and says bye to him. She’ll come back after school. ES notices reporters in front of school. They want to know if Tan is coming to school. Before ES can answer, YD and MS come to save the day. ES finds her lockers a mess. YD sees this too, and he calls for a deliver of soy milk. ES has to stop YD from throwing the milk all over the other kids’ lockers. ES stops him saying that the other kids are not at fault. The two connect, getting to know more about each other in this moment. ES gives CY and BN the milk, saying YD brought it. BN wonders if YD poisoned it. ES gives BN CY’s childhood photos. She tells them never to break up. ES apologizes to BN first before hugging CY, and also hugging BN. They wonder why she is like this all of a sudden. Yoon has come to teach Tan. Yoon asks what Tan does in his room all day. Tan says he thinks bad things- how he will wreck all relationships. Yoon tells Tan about Dad’s plans to send ES abroad. Tan goes to see dad. He says he will take the cellphone, and before dad can say anything, Tan ignores him and calls JS for her help so he can go to school. Dad asks if Tan is going to school just to see ES, and getting Js’s help. Tan says yes. Tan also warns him to not touch ES. He has received a sword from his dad, and he will use it if Dad touches ES. In car, JS tells Tan that he owes her. Also that they have to look affectionate in front of the reporters. They put up a show in front of the reports. MS, BN, CY, YS look on. First thing Tan does is walk into class and packs ES’s stop and takes her out. They go the MS’s studio. Tan digs through ES’s stuff. He finds the plane ticket. buenos aires. Tan asks if ES even likes him, does he even believe in him. He is angry that ES didn’t tell him. Did she come up to his room after accepting the ticket? How can she smile after doing that? ES says she was scared, she didn’t want to have to leave him immediately. Tan asks ES to not hurt where he is not. He only has her. ES nods yes. Tan apologizes for only making her cry. YD comes in. Tan asks YD to take care of ES, take her to school and bring her back here to the studio after. YD calls him crazy, Tan says he has no time for this. Tan leaves. YD asks ES why she is crying. She doesn’t answer. YD asks her when she will repay the debt she owes him. ES says after school, they should go eat the noodles. Reporters take picture of Tan, Won, JS, and Dad coming together to each dinner together. Uncomfortable dinner. Dad asks JS how Won’s wife hunt is going along. Won says he will look for one himself. Dad says he will call together a stockholders meeting to put Won’s position on the table. A candidate for Won’s position is Yoon. Won asks until Dad will keep doing this to his company. Dad says it is not his company. He will choose between Tan and Won for the best person to run the company. He only put Won there as president because he needed someone in a hurry. Dad and JS leave. Tan gets up to leave, but Won tries to stop him. But Tan won’t listen anymore. He tells Won to keep doing what he has been doing. He’s always been last to Won anyways. Won sees Yoon to talk about Yoon’s candidacy for the presidency. Yoon tells Won to protect his own position from Dad, then he will come to work as the vice-president. Tan is back at the studio for ES, but no one is there. He calls ES but YD picks up. He hangs up without telling him where they are. YD guesses that Dad mad ES kneel. ES tries to deny it, but YD doesn’t believe. He also makes her sign a contract that they will go eat noodles together since they didn’t go today. Es does easily which YD finds suspicious. He wants her to memorize his and Tan’s number so she can when she needs them. He also sends ES home so Tan will be even more angry when he gets here. He sends her home in his car. Tan comes, already knowing what YD would have done. He thanks YD for helping him escape. YD wonders if Tan has another secret. He also tells Tan to give up, but Tan just ignores him, telling him to also get up so he doesn’t sit here alone. KA is drinking, sitting on the floor. Dad is yelling at her. Tan comes in. KA says she was drinking because she can’t go with Tan to that meeting even though he is a major stockholder. Dad insults KA, saying she is embarrassing, but Tan tells Dad to stop. He threatens hid dad that he might partner up with one of Dad’s enemies. Don’t make him think about that kind of stuff. Won is knocking on HJ’s door, yelling at her to come out. HJ finally does. Won says he wants HJ to go the US for three years, and he will go get her then. He is doing this so they can be together. He doesn’t want her to see how low he will go. ES gets message from Tan asking where she is. She tells him she is at home, ready to sleep. Tan texts her to come out with her passport. When she does, he takes the passport from her. He also takes her to the closet, yelling at her for not being there at the studio when he said he will come to get her. He wants her to listen to him, please. Es nods and Tan suddenly kisses her. They kiss awhile……. He hugs her asking her to promise that she won’t go anywhere. Next day, Tan is waiting for ES outside to go to school together. ES looks worried so Tan explains Dad is probably already watching. R is giving her report about the Great Gatsby. It makes fun of ES and Tan in a way. R hears girls talking about her kiss with HS. At that time she sees HS. She calls him asking him to avoid her for a while. He first jokes with her but things get awkward. Uh oh….do we have another couple here coming? Won meets with Esther, and YD’s dad, and JS, wanting them to side with him at the stockholders’ meeting. He has also called Tan. He wants Tan to be on his side. Tan doesn’t want to, but he will because dad is bothering a girl he likes. He also asks for an apartment. Won scoffs, saying Tan is doing this for just a girl. Tan says yes, that girl is everything. He will protect her. Fine, Won says. YD is looking at the bandaid that ES gave him. MS is worried about YD, saying he got a little thin. They should go eat together. YD refuses. MS tells him not to go to ES’s house and wait. Yup, that is where YD is. No one shows up so YD leaves, asking to stop by convenience store first. He sees ES there. He takes of his jacket and puts it on her. He also reveals that YD saw ES in this place three times already. The day when she was sleeping on the table, he told the kids to stop being noisy. ES says YD is a bad guy and also a good guy. She wishes she knew that earlier. YD says it’s not too late, but ES turns him down again, saying she wants YD to meet someone else basically. ES gets up, claiming she is going to see Tan, but YD knows that Tan is having that stockholder meeting. He sees that her face is one going to lose someone, not see someone. He guesses she is moving. She says yes. Won gives Tan the apartment, and keeps reminding Tan how to vote. Tan says Won still doesn’t believe me. Won says Dad will find ES soon. Tan says he knows but he is doing this to show that he will protect ES no matter what. He spent his life loving Dad and Won but all he has right now is ES. He is going to protect her. ES is window-shopping, and YD is following her in his car. But Tan shows up, and back hugs ES. They look happy, and YD leaves. Sigh……. ES and Tan have bought couple shoes. And they sit in the café smiling and happy together. Tan shows ES the apartment. Tells her it’s hers. ES asks if Chairman knows. Tan says he will soon, but he will make sure Dad doesn’t touch her. Es gets a little upset and asks if this is how he is helping her overcome all thresholds. Tan says yes, he apologizes that it is awkward, one sided, etc, but he will continue to try hard to do it in a way that fits ES’s standards. ES gives Tan a peck on the cheek before he leaves her in the apartment, smiling and saying she will wait for him here. Once Tan leaves, she cries. At meeting, votes go in for Won to be fired or not. 3% vote yes fired, 90 something not fire. Everyone is shocked. Won and Tan have learned that Dad was doing this to teach Won a lesson. This was a just a show. Dad says this was a lesson for Tan too. ES left Korea an hour ago. Tan rushes off. KA reads letter from ES’s mom apologizing for leaving. KA cries. Tan runs in. He finds ES’s room empty. He goes to café, she quit. He searches the school and her locker but it is empty. Tan slams the door shut, eyes teary. Tan looks for ES everywhere, calling CY too. Tan ends up back at the empty apartment. Remembers what Dad says- don’t forget this day, you lost that child because of the sword you wielded. Tan starts to sob in earnest and he falls on his knees. Oh god, this was such a hard episode to recap and to watch. I need raw quick! via jooni

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