✨ Korean Magic Setting Perm ✨

You might have heard about the Japanese Straightening Perm, but Korea has its own type too! On top of that, they can give you some waves if you want more volume, and that's exactly what I got!

I usually get my hair cut about twice a year, and pay around $20 for it at Super Cuts. I don't like spending a lot of my hair because it always ends up being unruly and puffy and blah. Plus I don't put any time into it by straightening it or blow drying.

So why did I just drop $100 on a hair treatment?So why did I just drop $100 on a hair treatment?

Because for the next 4+ months my hair will be the exact texture I have always wanted AND after that time passes my hair will be less poofy forever!

Would you ever get a perm like this? How often do you usually get your hair cut?

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