Talking Body Chapter 18

That night was the longest nights for Jungkook, Mi Sun, and everyone else. The cops came and went asking questions how and who attacked. Jungkook told the authorities that Kwon Jae was the one that he saw and of course the cops thought that he was just assuming. However, when Yoongi handed them a file on who Kwon Jae is, they opened their minds to look for him and question him. Mi Sun asked them if they checked the cameras, and their response was that there was none within that area. Mi Sun held it in when she walked back into Ji Su’s room.

Ji Su was out of danger, all that was left was the waiting game. The doctor told them that she was in no danger and that her body was in shock. From the tests that the doctor preformed said that Ji Su would wake up in the next day or so. When two days went by, Ji Su’s eyes never opened. Jungkook never left her side.

Jungkook was blaming himself over the fact that he should’ve went with her. If he did, she wouldn’t be laying in a hospital bed. The boys and Mi Sun told Jungkook not to beat himself over the fact that this happened. They didn’t know that Jae would attack. That pissed Jungkook off when they said that to him. He repeatedly told them that he had an uneasy feeling and that he should’ve listened to the warning in the back of his mind. All, but Yoongi, didn’t understand the battle within Jungkook’s mind. Yoongi was beating himself over that fact that he promised Jungkook he would help protect Ji Su. Of course, Jungkook didn’t blame Yoongi let alone the others. He kept telling himself that it was his fault.

When the fourth day came, Ji Su’s eyes were still closed. The doctor didn’t understand why she was still asleep after four days. He ran some test to help him understand what was going on. Taehyung joked saying that maybe she needed her prince charming to wake her up. Some didn’t think it was funny, but that didn’t stop from Jungkook trying when no one was around.

Sitting there holding her hand, Jungkook just stared at her face. She looked so peaceful as if nothing happened, and she wanted to just sleep. Yoongi stated maybe she wanted to just sleep because sleep was good. That brought a smile onto Jungkook’s face. Jungkook glanced away to see if anyone was in the room. He looked back at Ji Su when no one was in sight.

“My Miss Cherry Coconut, can you open those sapphire eyes of yours? I know you are in a lot of pain right now, but I am here to help go through it all. I wish I could be there instead, but then you would be in my shoes telling me to wake up. Everyone has been here these past few days, checking up on you. Mi Sun has been in and out worrying about you. Jin had to hold her and keep her calm when she found out. She is indeed your sister. When the cops started asking questions, they kept pointing fingers at you. Saying that you were taunting him to do something like to you. Noona was livid that they were blaming you when you were the one that was attacked. She ended up trashing the visitors center, and was sent away for a few days. I think she is coming in today.” Jungkook stopped and stood up to walk around. Sitting in the same spot for a few days was making his bottom numb and back hurt as he would sleep in the chair next to her bed.

His mother stopped by yesterday worried about him not taking care of himself. She told him that Ji Su didn’t need to worry about him once she woke up. Jungkook told his mother that he would, even though he was scared to leave her side. He wanted to be the first one to be there when she woke up. Walking back to his chair, the door to Ji Su’s hospital room opened. Jungkook looked up to see Mi Sun walk in. She wasn’t in her normal classy fashion today. Nope, Mi Sun was wearing no makeup and had on a track suit. Of course, she made it stylish to where you couldn’t tell she was a wrack over the fact her best friend, her only family was not awake still.

“Jungkook go home right now. Ji Su will not be pleased when she wakes up smelling how rank you are. Go home, shower, and eat. Jin oppa made lunch back at the house and he told me to tell you go back home.” Mi Sun told him, more like demanded him when her arms crossed as she stood in the door way.

“Noona I -”

‘Noona I can’t’

When he was out of sight, Mi Sun walked over and sat in his chair. Taking Ji Su’s hand, Mi Sun just sat there holding back the tears. She couldn’t bring herself to think positive as thoughts of Ji Su’s grandmother who slipped into a coma just like this and never woke up. Though how they slipped into a coma was different.

“Ji Su, you better wake up. My wedding is in two weeks and if you’re not awake then my wedding is not happening. You must wake up to be there on one of the happiest days of my life. You’re the only family that I have and it wouldn’t be right to have my wedding without you.” Gripping Ji Su’s Hand harder, Mi Sun held back the tears before she spoke some more. “Jungkook and Yoongi told me about everything. From the letters, the attack on Jungkook, to what Jae had become. I knew something happened to him two years ago, but I never imagined he would do something like this. The police haven’t found him yet. They think that he fled to Japan and contacted the authorizes there in Japan. I hope they find him soon.” Mi Sun leaned back into the chair and stared at Ji Su. Like Jungkook, Mi Sun stared at her in hopes of Ji Su waking up.

The clock on the wall ticked away the minutes as Mi Sun continued to stare at Ji Su. Mi Sun jumped when the door sled open. Looking toward the door, the doctor entered giving Mi Sun a shy smile. Mi Sun just nodded and looked back at Ji Su.

The doctor walked over to look at Ji Su’s chart flipped through the pages which made more noise that was not needed.

“Excuse me miss?” The doctor spoke in a quiet voice.

“Mi Sun.” she spoked sternly.

“How long has Ms. Ji Su been with child?” The doctor asked. Mi Sun looked at him with a confused look. “I take it this is your first-time hearing of this.”

“Yes, JI Su and I are busy people running a fashion business. I know that her and her boyfriend are very intimate.” Mi Sun shared than asked, “How far is she?”

“From the test results, she is 3 months. I’ll have the OBYN come in and have a look along with confirming the tests. Is there a way to contact the father?”

“I can contact him for you. I’m sure he would like to hear the news from me. No offence doc.” Mi Sun said shocked and excited. The doctor said nothing more and walked out promising to contact the OBYN for further testing.

Mi Sun waited until the door closed and she rushed over to her phone to speed dial Jungkook’s number. After 5 rings, she was sent to voicemail. Not in the mood to wait, she called Jin knowing her would answer. Upon the first ring, Jin answered frantic thinking something was wrong. Mi Sun took a few minutes to catch her breath before relaying the news that she heard from the doctor to Jin.

Jin told her he would be over as soon as Jungkook is out of the shower. When they both hung up, the OBYN walked into the room.


Jungkook wasted no time getting out of the car and into Ji Su’s room. The OBYN was no longer there, but Mi Sun was there pacing back and forth. Mi Sun looked up and walked over to Jungkook and hugged him.

Mi Sun told him the news of Ji Su expecting and that he was going to be a father. Ji Su was three months along with child. The baby was fine and healthy as he or she should be. Jungkook broke down in Mi Sun’s arms. He was overwhelmed feeling so much and the fact that even though this was happy news, he couldn’t share it with Ji Su.

Falling back into the same routine, Jungkook went to his spot sitting next to Ji Su. Jin and Mi Sun stayed for a little bit longer before leaving. When they left, Jungkook smiled at Ji Su’s beautiful face, just in awe and overwhelmed with happiness. He was going to be a dad and he couldn’t be even more happier that his child that was being carried by the woman he loved.

More days went by and the doctor grew more concern as 2 weeks had went by and yet Ji Su has yet to open her eyes. All the test and her vitals looked normal. The doctor told Jungkook Mi Sun and the others that they just needed to wait. Eventually, everyone had to head back to Seoul to keep the studio and shop going while they waited. Jungkook’s mother stopped by to bring her son some food and a change of clothes for him.

The nurse who come in and out to check on Ji Su thought how sweet he was staying by her side. Like today everything was pretty much the same. Jungkook was reading while fighting to keep his eyes open. He hadn’t gotten much sleep in the past 2 weeks. He was afraid to sleep when she would wake up. The book he was reading wasn’t much of interest, but it was something for him to do. Turning a page, the door to Ji Su’s room slid open. Looking up to expecting a nurse or Ji Su’s doctor. However, it was nether a nurse or the doctor.

“Oh, I’m sorry I wasn’t expecting to see someone in here besides Ji Su.” The middle age woman spoke.

“Can I help with something?” Jungkook asked closing the book in his hand and standing up.

“Sorry I’m Ji Su’s Aunt Sunghe. I heard she was ill and I wanted to stop by and check up on her. You are?”

“I’m Jungkook, Ji Su’s boyfriend.” Jungkook scrambled his brain as he puzzled together about Ji Su’s family. He remembered Ji Su telling him that the only family she had was her grandmother.

“My niece is very lucky to have a young and handsome man as her boyfriend. Do you know what happened? I only received word of her laying in the hospital. I guess Ji Su hasn’t changed her next of kin.” Sunghe walked over to Ji Su’s bedside, placing a bag, Jungkook assumed filled with food, on the right bedside table. They stood in silence with Sunghe looking at her niece, and Jungkook looking at her.

“You can sit down if you want. I have been sitting for two weeks I need to readjust.” Jungkook offered.

“No, its fine. I wanted to come by and see her just once. It was nice meeting you.” With that said, Sunghe turned towards the door.

“I know it may seem like I am poking into something that I shouldn’t, but Ji Su is important to me.” Sunghe stopped and turned to face him. “I want to know why you came here to see Ji Su, when you disowned her from your family.”

“I never disowned her. Sure, it may have looked that way when the day happened. My oldest son believed it was the right thing to do. I was a mess and didn’t know what to do let alone think. Ji Su was like a daughter to me when she came to us. She was quiet at first until one day she changed. My husband was the type of man that ruled the house. He didn’t like the fact on how Ji Su was acting. That night I knew something was wrong with the way my husband was acting. I should have done something to where nothing would have happened that night.” Sunghe took a deep breath and looked at Ji Su. “I don’t remember much until her grandmother came one day to pick up her things. This is maybe the first time that I have seen her in years.” Looking back a Jungkook, Sunghe give him her farewell before walking out the door.

Jungkook closed his eyes and then opened them up again. Placing the book on the chair, he walked around to see what was in the bag, the Sunghe brought. Within the bag was picture frames, a scrapbook, and what seemed to be stuffed animals. Jungkook smiled when he recognized Ji Su as a teenager right away. She was just as beautiful as she was back then. Grabbing the bag, he walked back over to the chair and took out the scrapbook.

Upon opening the cover, he saw baby pictures. He smiled seeing Ji Su as a baby and growing up through the pictures. Closing the scrapbook, Jungkook looked up at Ji Su.

“Ji Su, baby, you need to wake up. You need to wake up so we can welcome our baby and be a family. I need you Ji Su. Please wake up.” Jungkook let tears fall as he begged.

The door opened again making Jungkook hide his face to wipe his tears away. When he turned towards the door, Yoongi stood there looking grim.

“Hyung what is it?” Jungkook stood up walking over to Yoongi.

“They haven’t found him yet. They checked his apartment in Japan, his house here, and the company. His is nowhere. It is as if he disappeared into thin air.” Yoongi threw his hands up in the air in frustration.

“They will find him. Hopefully soon.” Jungkook told him feeling the frustration radiate off Yoongi. All of this was really frustrating for everyone. Jae was nowhere to be found and Ji Su was still not waking up. “How about you and I go for some fresh air.” Jungkook suggested walking out of the room.


Jungkook laid his head on the edge of the bed while holding Ji Su’s hand while he slept. He shot up when he felt her hand move. His eyes met those beautiful sapphire eyes of hers that he missed so much.

He leaned down and kissed her while pressing the nurse button. The nurses came running in thinking something was wrong. To their relief nothing was wrong as one of them walked out to find the doctor.

The doctor came in and ran what seemed to Jungkook another set of unneeded tests. The doctor was getting ready to tell Ji Su that she was pregnant, though Jungkook stopped him. Jungkook wanted to be the one to tell her. when it was just the two of them, they said nothing. Ji Su was afraid to speak in fear that she didn’t have a voice. The doctor told her that with her being asleep for 2 weeks may be hard for her to try to talk.

“I look like a mess.” Was the first thing she said to Jungkook which was in a whisper.

“Baby, you look perfect to me.” Jungkook kissed her holding back the tears. “So, while you were asleep they found something.” Ji Su gave him a worried face thinking that what Jae did to her did some real damage. “It’s nothing bad, they told me that here in six months we will have a family of our own.” Ji Su’s eye grew big and then tears poured out.

Jungkook wrapped his arms around her the best way that he could. He was happy to have her back.

“Ji Su, I love you so much. Thank you for coming back to me.” He whispered in her ear.

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