So I have no clue how this new Vingle works but I just had the most amazing dream! I was walking around my house after a party had calm down making sure everyone had left and this guy runs up to me and picks me up. He literally spins me around but as he was doing that I look down and see JUNG HOSEOK! Of all people it was J-Hope! He was smiling as I laughed so he did once or twice more then sat me on the counter. Then the completely unexpected happened.... He kissed me.. And that's when he said he would see me later and that he loves me as I was frozen in the spot! WHY MUST MY BRAIN BE SO CRUEL?! WHY MUST THIS COMEBACK BE SO LIT!? Why must Jung Hoseok be so sexy and adorable. My heart can't take it!


Jung Hoseok why you gotta mess with my heart like that.

Just the normal anime and K-pop loving Bostonian girl lol ( ^ω^) also Im Jaebum is my future husband
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The Communities are great you rarely see anyone get in to an argument :)
Love Love LOVE

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