Park Bo Gum Under Fire for Being in a Cult?

well this is weird.

recently PBG tweeted inviting people to pray together with his church:

Sounds normal, right? Netizens didn't react that way.

Apparently his church is a well known cult that almost all christian churches in Korea do not support. You can see more info below:

He also has apparently said that his ideal type and future wife has to be from his church, which people said could make some of his crazier fans join the cult in order to get a chance with him.

It just all seems really weird?

For a better but still very strange explanation visit this article:

But just to be clear, Korea is very VERY well known for having lots of cults or illigitimate churches that basically exist to take money from its followers and make the heads of the church rich so while in America this might seem weird, in Korea its very very likely.

I just hope PBG is happy and safe :/

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