Only Human

This is the highest I've ever been! Even when I was learning to fly, I don't think I ever reached this elevation. It's incredible! I want to sleep, so that I can be ready to explore when we touch down in Sydney....but I'm so wired! I cannot believe I'm doing this! Someone pinch me, please!

This big globe is so wide and beautiful! I am an insignificant human, so I should make the best of my time.

I'm definitely bringing my kids next time I do something like this. They would love it. I was worried there would be a lot of killer boredom, but so far, it's been quite an adventure. Maybe it's just the novelty of it all. I dunno.

My mind is racing, wondering what's in store for me in this new land to come. But this is the most positive anxiety I've had to deal with in a while, so it's a welcome travel companion.

What awaits me? Where will this adventure lead me? I don't think my shadow even knows.

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