~I Wanna Know What Love Is~ Chapter 22 part 2



"Where are two going?"I asked seeing them dressed up. "It's date night."Mom said."What brings you by?" "Gio wanted to say hi before we head to the airport."I said holding a sleeping Gio. "He must've been tired from the game."Mom said giving him a kiss on the cheek. "How was the game?"Dad asked. "It was a pretty good game.Are you still having the Christmas party?" "Yeah.Tomorrow we will start planning." "Fun. Oh I better go.Bye Mom.Bye Appa."I said checking the time. "Bye." I left the house putting Gio in his car seat heading straight to the airport. I pulled into the parking garage finding a spot on the second floor. Gio was still sleeping so I grabbed his stroller from the back setting it up.I carefully lifted Gio out of his car seat and setting him in the stroller. I covered him up with his blanket and noticed that the flight should be here. I got into the elevator heading to the ground floor and making my way inside going towards the baggage claim. Maybe I can meet him there. "Hey Sleepy Head."I said noticing Gio waking up. "Where's Grandma and Grandpa?"He asked rubbing his eyes. "We went but you were sleeping. Help me look for Uncle Cha Cha." "Ok." "Cha Cha!"Gio yelled getting out of his stroller and running towards him. "Gio!"Cha Cha yelled hugging him."What's up little man." "Appa!"Gio yelled looking behind ChaCha Appa? Jay's here.Great. I thought I was only picking up Cha Cha. Jay walked over picking up Gio and then looked at me. "Hi Gia. How's the baby?" "Baby's fine."I said touching my stomach. "That's good." "Yeah." "When do you find out if it's a boy or girl?" "Next month." "Mind if I come?" "You are the father. Won't you be busy anyways?" "I'm taking a break for awhile. I couldn't miss the Christmas party and spend more time with Giovanni." "I'm hungry."Gio said. "Let's go eat."Jay said leading the way outside. I pushed Gio's stroller with Cha Cha walking next to me. Food does sound good right now. We all got into the car and Jay sat in the back with Gio.Thank goodness because honestly it just feels awkward with him. ~Restaurant~ I finished eating and I'm getting hella tired. I just wanna drop them off, get Gio into bed, and relax. "So Gia." "What's up?"I asked. "I was thinking while I'm here I can stay with you and Gio." Jay say what? Stay with Gio and I? I looked over at ChaCha with the face expression like 'Is this fool serious?' We barely talk unless it has to do with Gio and the baby. That's it. "What do you say?"He asked.

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